Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).

Marketing tips for owners

I was very lucky to attend the Pure Coaching Life Coaching Course back in 2014. The principles and insight learnt there, I still use when running my business today. The course was hugely insightful and being guided by both Carole Ann and Lou Hamilton was hugely enlightening. Although I’m not traditionally a coach, I find myself asking coaching questions and applying coaching logic constantly. I couldn’t run my business without it. I’m Karen Campbell and I run my own marketing, branding and events company; Karen Campbell Marketing...

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Postponing your personal growth

Even when we know how important it is to make time for personal growth and development,  it’s easy to let it slip in our schedules. The hustle and bustle of life and work mean that maximising our mindset and boosting our skills and capabilities often takes a back-seat. You find yourself thinking “I’m definitely going to spend some time finishing that book or watching that training series on You Tube, working on my thoughts or researching the right coach for me this week”. But...

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Scared of rejection and setbacks?

Are you scared of rejection and setbacks? 6 top tips to help you combat low confidence, setbacks and rejection.  How many of us experience a fear of rejection? I would guess that most, if not all of us have experienced this at one time or another. In...

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It’s an Inside Job

Our thoughts don’t create reality. They create our perception of reality. Let me give you an example. A group of people can be at the same event,...

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