Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
our perception of reality

It’s an Inside Job

Our thoughts don’t create reality. They create our perception of reality.

Let me give you an example. A group of people can be at the same event, experience the same entertainment and nibble on the same canapes. Yet, not one person will have the same experience as another.

Our thoughts are the paintbrush of our lives.

They give us a moment-to-moment personalist version of reality. In my experience, a deep understanding of how our thoughts create our separate realities has a profound effect on people. When you understand that you are not responsible for your experience, but have some understanding that your interpretation creates your experience, a certain level of clarity and innate wisdom tends to arise which is yours to keep.

We all have innate wisdom and inner knowing.

Have you heard the term ‘gut feeling’? We were born with an inner navigational system that kicks into place the moment we see the power of thought for ourselves.

Coaching from an inside-out is about reminding you that already have and are everything you need, it’s just a matter of waking up to it, or remembering. Your new paradigm of life will apply across the board, from relationships, to health, to your work.


If you find yourself in a low state of mind, it is nothing more than a signal not to act, think, resolve, plan or fix.

This is because your perception of life from that state is unreliable. Step back in the same way that when you accidentally put your hand on a hot stove, the pain is a signal to move your hand away.

When low, Do nothing;

no techniques, no practices, no rituals. Allow the self-correction mechanism of the psychological system to bring you back up. Think of a snow globe, it settles when simply left alone.

Reflect on your own innate wisdom.

When in your life have you ‘known’ and you wouldn’t be able to say how or why, you just knew exactly the right thing to do.

Notice the inside-out nature of life. How is it that your partner/job/body looks like a disaster one day, yet stunning the next? When externally nothing much has changed, other than your mood.

Feeling or performing better is not a matter of self-development or improvement.

The flow state is now widely recognised as a state of optimum performance. The inside-out method of coaching is not about adding more to-do’s, thinking or self-analysis, it’s coaching by subtraction.

About the Author

Suzanne Hala has 14 years of work experience in marketing, beginning her career in retail marketing as a brand manager. She has worked in Qatar, Dubai and Abiu Dhabi as well as the UK. The last 8 years she has specialised in the third sector.

She studied for her degree in Marketing at Hull University and more recently attained her postgraduate diploma in Management, and MBA, with a focus on spirituality in the corporate environment.

Her interests are in personal development, and health and fitness. Suzanne is a trained life coach with Pure Coaching Academy, is a one-to-one coach, and hosts group workshops to explore personal development and psychological well-being.

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