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Our next course starts on Saturday 29th February 2020.
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The Course: Training to Become a Life Coach

The Pure Coaching Academy is an intensive and completely unique 8 week in-classroom, in person course comprising of one Saturday for 8 consecutive weeks which  is 73 hours of coaching training including, webinars, homework assignment and pro bono coaching.

You will be given homework, in class exercises, role play and some exciting, thought-provoking procedures to undertake. In the classroom you will learn all the theories, ethics and life changing motivational tools you will need to be a successful coach.

If you enjoy being treated as an individual and love to learn by doing then this course is for you.

We are committed to our life coaching graduates to go on to create abundant and successful practices. So not only do we take you through all the life coaching techniques and tools you will need to be a world class coach, we also share all the marketing and business building techniques of accomplished experts to grow your practice and attract clients, including how to gain media attention and develop your niche.

We are proud of our attractive Pure Coaching Academy manual the notes of which are delivered into your inbox following each week’s module. These are extensive and enlightening and provide all the motivational tools and techniques you will need to apply to every specific issue and need presented by your clients.

We offer incisive insights and psychological explanations which may be “hidden” behind certain behaviours or habits of your clients and the laser questions and exercises which will work to move them on and create powerful outcomes. At a glance you will have coaching solutions at your fingertips.

We promise you the best. You will feel the difference from day one.

Our Syllabus

The Coaching Principles

Your introduction to coaching. What is a coach and what do we stand for? The do’s and don’ts of being a coach. Ethical guidelines, professional boundaries, differentiating coaching from psychology. Our professional role with clients. What makes a great coach and how to create happy and great clients.

Expanding Limiting Beliefs

Our beliefs and perceptions shape our life – keeping it small, safe and scared or open, confident and full of possibility. Limiting beliefs can mean a life half lived, stuck in the misery of the “comfort zone” or can be a mask in which to hide behind. We explore the many common limiting beliefs people carry and show you how to teleport you and your clients out of these psychological restrictions to create abundant thinking, curiosity and the freedom to live, fearlessly, at last, at full potential.

Advanced Goal Setting

Coaching starts with establishing goals and then devising actionable steps and strategies to get you there. Advanced Goal Setting clears the path ahead of psychological hurdles that may obstruct the road to success. We show you how to create compelling goals and vigorous supportive methods, including mind mapping, to ensure that good intentions have a positive and celebratory outcome. Then we show you how to ask your client to unreasonably go one step further and exceed their own expectations by aiming for their wildest dreams!

Confidence Coaching

Probably one of the most common issues confronting most coaches is how to help a client suffering with low confidence. But assertive behavior can be learned and personal presence increased with powerful insightful questioning and a profound understanding on how to use one’s own innate qualities as a wellspring of confidence. With the coach’s expert support we help you take your clients to a new level of personal power and fearless communication.

Overcoming Procrastination

Almost everyone suffers with procrastination at some time but avoidance can become a big and deeply ingrained excuse for not living authentically. Perfectionism, self sabotage, fear of success, fear of failure or not taking responsibility can be seriously debilitating issues for some people keeping them stuck or worse putting themselves and their wellbeing in danger. Here we explore real and effective ways to get people over avoidance and into action with a vast variety of tools and techniques to go from stagnation to progress and purpose.

Extreme Self Care

At Pure Coaching Academy we take the holistic view in ensuring our coaches enable their clients to actively partake in their health and wellbeing. We look at creating healthy habits from sleep hygiene, exercise and diet to managing a mindset for happy and positive lifestyles. Life must feel meaningful in the now and on a daily basis. Goals are great for short and long term but we must celebrate the day, our lives, our bodies and our beings.

Values and Vision Alignment

Identifying your unique set of values will enable you to live a life of meaning and purpose and on such a deep and satisfying level life at last begins to feel effortless. Exploring the importance of values, their significance to us and our clients and then aligning them with a vision ensures “flow” and a sense of true connection in life. Our values are unique to us and we share some incredible tools to help our budding coaches and their future clients discern their own set and how to apply them to all areas of their life.

Needs and Wants

When our needs and wants go unmet they start to dictate the pattern of our lives and the results can be toxic. We tread gently as coaches as we help our clients identify they needs and wants and with our tool kit this can be done with tremendous effect as we live need and carefree lives that feel complete and satisfying. Unmet needs do not go unless sated. But once identified and satisfied it frees us to be our very powerful, unencumbered best.

The Fear Factor

Fear is the one thing that gets in the way of us and the lives we wished we could lead. It is a multi-headed hydra that has many forms and all of them stand in the way of us and the success we crave. Pure Coaching Academy show our students how to minimize fear, work with our doubts and anxieties and learn that fear need not be our master but something we can harness and use to create positive outcomes. PCA share some amazing fast track methods of moving people out of trepidation and into fearless action. You may never fear fear again.

People Pleasing

Living your life to someone else’s agenda, being fearful of what other people think, living in dread of social judgment and exclusion is a life less lived. We all want to be accepted but not if it means we have to play small, relinquish our power and needs and painfully conform in order to fit in. Our coaches learn to help people unclip their own wings, to “dare greatly” to be themselves and to have the self love and confidence to live life on their terms whilst remaining popular and in integrity.

Time Management

Too much work and too little time, is the modern lament. We work to the principle that there are enough hours in the day but it’s how you manage them that counts. By applying some ninja time management skills you will learn how to deal with your work and your domestic tasks with ease and still have time for loved ones and that precious time for yourself too. Everyone benefits from learning what tasks are time draining, how to work speedily and effectively and when to ditch the perfectionism and aim for progress instead.

Developing a Niche

We at PCA are committed to your success as a life coach. Developing a niche can be a highly effective way of channeling clients directly to you. Working with your life experiences, natural strengths and passions our highly talented and experienced coaches help our graduates define their speciality coaching niches and areas of expertise. This can be a way of differentiating your practice in the market place and adding credibility and interest to what you are offering.

Successful Coaching Practice

Having an abundant life coaching business is what we want for all our graduates and that means lots of happy clients and a regular flow of new interest knocking at the door. We will outline what it takes to be a successful coach and share best practice experiences, marketing and networking tips that really work for coaches and how to maximize your presence on the web. Creating a profitable business, attracting good clients, closing the sale and offering a premier service is what we are dedicated to.

Media Coaching

Carole Ann Rice has over 25 years in print media, radio and television experience. She is the only coach in the UK to have her own column in a national daily newspaper – Happy Monday in the Daily Express. She has written for The Independent on Sunday, The Mirror, The Sun, She and Red magazine and was the Fashion and Lifestyle Editor of the Birmingham Post. She has been featured as a coach in almost every national from The Times and Metro news to Good Housekeeping and New Woman magazines to name but a few. Here she shares the simple but esoteric secrets of getting you and your life coaching business featured in the media – to boost business, raise profile and add gravitas to your practice. And a sprinkling of fame too!

Charisma and Rapport

Coaches occupy a unique space in their client’s lives. A cheerleader, motivator, support, confessor, inspirer and empath. Our job is to build a rapport with all our clients so they feel understood, supported and “got”. We will show you how to ask the right questions in the right way, when not to speak, gently “hold” the client and how to read between the lines to fully connect with others on a deep level. We want our graduates to have a waiting list. Even a “following”. We show them how.

Spiritual Coaching

Many coaching schools omit to look at the spiritual human. We at PCA love this module as we look at the power of now, of using one’s intuition and gut feeling, to be wholehearted and trusting of life and taking deep appreciation of what is. We look at daring to be vulnerable and the strength of surrender. We take our coaches and their future clients to the bigger questions that life poses. Not least why we are here and what will be their legacy. It’s non-religious but life-affirming and joy-centred and looking at what is significant to all of us right now for our lives, our planet and our future.

Ongoing Coaching Success

Your success is our success so we commit ourselves entirely to helping you set up your own practices. We will take you through the pro bono stages of getting free clients and how to turn them into paying ones, setting up your website and creating workshops, talks or programmes which will be your coaching offer. PCA will be offering teleclasses, advanced learning and promotional opportunities within the Academy to boost and enhance the businesses of our graduates onwards into the future. As we grow you grow.
  • Juliette Dyke

    "The backup notes were incredible and I will using them when I start my coaching practice"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (museums)

    "Such a supportive community spirit and I really enjoyed the great buddy coaching relationship that was built"
  • Salome Payn - Project Manager

    "I loved the freestyle coaching approach that is not dependent on a model"
  • Jose Rihan - Utility Warehouse agent

    "I now have team meetings where I coach my distributors overcome fear, procrastination and to set real goals"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (museums)

    "The notes were very comprehensive and great back up refresher - clearly written and well presented"
  • Karen Campbell - Marketing Manager

    "What I loved was the varied content, inspirational teaching and practice and the amazing, empowering journey"
  • Salome Payn - Project Manager

    "The notes were well thought through and I always felt like an expert after reading them"
  • Jose Rihan - Utility Warehouse agent

    "The Pure Coaching Manual was excellent and substantial"
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "We covered more than I expected and it was never boring - every week was worthwhile"
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "I hope to have a healthy coaching practice within the year"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (Museums)

    "The notes were very comprehensibve and great back up refresher - clearly written and well presented"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (Museums)

    "Such a supportive community spirit and I really enjoyed thegreat biuddy coaching relationship that was built"
  • Jose Rihan - Utility Warehouse agent

    "The buddy coaching was a great way to learn"
  • Juliette Dyke

    "I loved getting to know my fellow coaches"
  • Juliette Dyke

    "If you're looking for a hands-on, intensive coaching course with a friendly group and based on real life experiences, this course is for you!"
  • Salome Payn - Project Manager

    "This course will stretch you out of your comfort zone and transform you to be the person you were meant to be. Be ready to be transformed from good to amazing. To Carole and her team I will be eternally grateful"
  • Karen Campbell - Marketing Manager

    "The coaching notes were written brilliantly and easily understood"
  • Lee Mollins - Data Analysis Director - Financial Services

    "The PCA course provides a powerful collection of tools for dealing the present and defining the future. A unique opportunity to find community and help in a truly open and non-judgmental environment"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (Museums)

    "It was surprising to have real clients to join us to coach and was a great way to put into practice what we learned"
  • Juliette Dyke

    "There was more 'real' coaching client practice than I expected - which was great"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (museums)

    "It was surprising to have real clients to join us to coach and was a great way to put into practice what we learned"
  • Jose Rihan - Utility Warehouse agent

    "Outstanding course content, structure and format. Carole Ann and Lou are very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise"
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "This is the course you need to be on. It's totally real!"
  • Lee Mollins - Data Analysis Director - Financial Services

    "I really enjoyed the openness and personal sharing, we practised on 'live' clients and the notes really covered the modules properly."
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "The notes were just brilliant! It was great to focus on the course and not have to make tons of notes as they were very clear, useful and I actually looked forward to reading them when they arrived each week"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (museums)

    "I enjoyed the relaced atmosphere and delivery though it was structured and directed too"
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "This course was challenging, insightful, brilliant - it covers all the topics you need to start running a successful practice. I loved every minute. Carole Ann's background in business and journalism added extra expertise"
  • Natalie Watkins - Landscape Architect, Milan

    "It was experiential but it also had structure"
  • Lydia McDowall - Project Co-Ordinator (Museums)

    "I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delivery, though it was structured and directed too"

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