Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
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Success stories

Where are our graduates today?

At The Pure Coaching Academy we are committed to ensuring our coaches create successful and abundant practices. We offer ongoing support, workshops and a great coaching community to plug in to.

We are very proud to present the following graduates and their unique and inspirational businesses and success stories. Inclusion on this site is entirely complimentary on completion of the PCA 8 week coaching course.

Nadia Quarcoopome

Hello! I’m Nadia, I am an authenticity coach and well-being hypnotherapist dedicated to helping you discover your potential and achieve your goals. Whether you’re feeling stifled, blocked, or stuck in your career, personal or spiritual life, social settings, or facing challenges impacting your well-being, I’ll give you the safe space and tools you need to explore what you really want and I will support you through transformative change.

I’ve experienced the difference between forcing myself along a path that didn’t resonate and living a life aligned with my personal values. This transformation fuels my passion for helping others uncover their true potential and live meaningful, value-driven lives. With empathy and insight, I support my clients as they break free from limitations, embrace their unique, fulfilling journeys and achieve goals.

Change can be challenging, but it can also be exciting and inspiring. The journey itself is as important as the destination, and I believe in making it a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Working together, we can transform obstacles into opportunities and dreams into reality.

Aditi Sharma

Are you struggling with post-breakup and divorce issues?

I’m Aditi Sharma, founder of Rays of Hope Coaching, and I specialize in guiding individuals through the challenging journey of life after a breakup or divorce. I believe these difficult experiences can also be opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

My Coaching Approach:

  • Empathy and Active Listening: I provide a compassionate and supportive environment where you can share your story and feelings.
  • Tailored Practical Strategies: Each coaching session is customized to your unique needs and aspirations, helping you move forward with confidence.
  • East Meets West: As a certified Life Coach and Astrologer, I blend spiritual insights from the East with practical coaching tools from the West to help you see life from a new perspective.

Your Journey Towards a Fulfilled Life: Through my own journey and experiences helping others, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the transformative potential of these life events. Together, we will navigate your path, uncover your strengths, and help you build a fulfilled life post-breakup or divorce.

Emma Craythorne

Emma – The Female Confidence Coach

My mission is for all women to know that their needs, ambition, passion and dreams are in reach today. There is no need to wait until… until the finances are better, until you’ve achieved x, y and z in your career, until the children are older, until your partner receives their promotion. I guide you to embrace your true self and to confidently take steps towards your passion today. Life is short, we need to embrace it now and make space for your dreams to become reality.

I coach on a 1:1 basis and hold Group events each month. Visit my website to find out more.

Claire Alexander

Hi, I’m Claire founder of Claire Alexander Coaching and I’m passionate about supporting women who are not prepared to settle for mediocre but want to be the best version of themselves and live their best lives. My coaching empowers women to rediscover their potential, purpose and passion to live the life they love on their own terms.

As a life coach I work with women to help shift mindsets to turn the ordinary into extraordinary, to switch from surviving to thriving and create lives where dreams can become a reality.

Through my own journey of self-discovery I understand how difficult life can be. Coaching and personal development became the catalyst for hugely positive change in my life. I continue to work on own mindset and habits, continue to prioritise myself and invest in me – the best investment I can ever make.

My mission is to free women of their own limitations and self-doubts, to get rid of the should and coulds and what ifs, to empower women to step confidently and courageously into their own true potential, to create the life of purpose and passion that is theirs to take. 

Life is too short to settle for less – let’s embrace and love who we are and what we do. Then we can live a life of joy, fulfilment and intention.

If you are you ready to realise your true potential and purpose to create a life you love then get in touch today to learn more about what coaching can do for you. Click below to book your free discovery session with me to make change happen.

Melanie Harrowsmith

Hi, I’m Mel

Do you want to live a purposeful life?

I work with individuals and groups to help you find Life with Purpose. Through a holistic life coaching approach, I will support you to find or reconnect with your sense of purpose, to live a life of meaning and fulfilment.

I believe we are all unique, and what brings you a sense of purpose is also unique to you. It may be a ‘calling’ – a role that grabs you early and takes you through your entire life, never swaying from this course, knowing this is absolutely what you are destined to do.

But what if that’s not you? 

Firstly, that is 100% OK! Not everyone’s sense of purpose is about a life calling. In fact, many people find that what brings meaning and fulfilment into their lives changes over time. If this is you, and you want to find your sense of purpose, then I will support, encourage and cheer you on to enable you to reach out and grasp the life you want.

Blessing Iroha Chukwu

Hi my name is Blessing, founder of The BlessedBlessing Consultancy & Coaching. I am passionate about people and adult social care. I can help leaders in the care industry deal with the overwhelm that comes from managing excellence in the profession and balancing that with wellness and fulfillment in their personal life. People come into the care industry because they care and often are burnt out to the point of leaving care for the same reason. I can help leaders called to the vocation of care keep the fire that drove them into the profession of care and maintain the fire that fuels excellence in their operations and leadership.

Eimear Draper

Eimear Draper, known as The Straight-Talking Dating Coach, empowers singles to be confident daters, truly open to letting love in and armed with positive habits to put them in the driving seat rather than waiting for things to happen to them. 

She is passionate about getting people unstuck in their romantic lives by igniting their confidence with a deep-rooted belief that they will find their person. Empowering them with positive actions to get to their happy healthy relationship. 

Find out more about Kindling Dating below. 

Karine Denton

Hi, I’m Karine and I help my clients to feel content and happy with their life. 

I decided to become a life coach after years of not feeling like ‘me’, struggling through life as a stay-at-home mum of 3 and then working in a job role that left me feeling physically and mentally ill. 

I have now found myself again and am living my best life. I am passionate about helping you find your way to living your best life.

I can help you with overwhelm, feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day, feeling lost, low confidence, habit change, feeling the pressure to do it all and to do it perfectly and instigating or going through change.

Jude Arnup aka the Shapeshifter

Hello! My name is Jude (aka the Shapeshifter) I’m a creative coach. I support creatives from all walks of life to find fulfilment doing what they love, by addressing the stuff they don’t love quite as much. 

My first question is what do you want to get out of creative coaching? Is it support to step up to a bigger role, find a new direction, or learn new skills?  Maybe you want to reconnect with a creative passion that’s got a bit lost along the way? Or perhaps you just don’t know. You’re just bored of the unruly, unregulated, self-doubting.  The revisions and indecisions. The contradictions, cravings and the downright destructive games the creative mind plays.  I hear you. There’s no pressure to come to me with a defined goal, but be assured with my support, you will reach one and feel more confident, more balanced, more resilient and less stressed.

Creatives say I am pragmatic. They like working with me because I help them get stuff done.  I guess that’s because the bedrock of our work together will be around finding clarity. Once you have clarity you have the confidence to do anything. It’s that simple. Not saying it’s easy, but trust in the process…

And me.

I’ve been around the creative block (literally) many times. I’ve always been a writer, but for the past 30+ years I’ve worked in advertising – multiple guises – copywriter, executive creative director, agency owner, career consultant, mentor and coach. I really do understand the unique ‘challenges’ and rewards a career in the creative sector brings- what it takes to go for it and when to simply say, no.  

I’m not a tick box coach, I don’t do quick fixes, platitudes and fridge magnet philosophy. No ‘be your best self’ on my watch. My style is described as, gentle but deeply challenging. (After all you are paying for results.) I take YOU seriously, but we’ll share a few laughs along the way. 

Check me out @ 

Ama Zaky

Hi, My name is Ama and I am a Self-Discovery Life Coach.

I am passionate about empowering women from ethnic minority backgrounds to live a life without cultural or religious limitations.

My journey into my own self-discovery started in my late teens/early 20’s. I battled with the internal struggle of having a family, community, culture and religion that all wanted a say in my future, with hardly any freedom to express what I truly wanted.

I am of Egyptian/Thai heritage and was brought up in a loving happy home with a strict Muslim and Middle Eastern upbringing. Growing up in London was tough as although I felt blessed to have cultural influences from both the Middle East and the Far East, I needed to find my own identity.

At times, it felt like my entire existence, from how I dressed, to my studies, career, friends, and even hobbies were under constant scrutiny. I knew that people usually had my best interests at heart but there were so many times when I felt like I couldn’t just be ME! I had to be everyone else’s version of me. The more I did this, the more I shrank and stayed small. This had serious consequences on my mental health, spiritual health, my relationship with God and even my family.

I eventually went through my own healing process of tapping into the beautiful parts of my culture and religion, which re-established my confidence in communicating my values with others. I did this by initially allowing myself to feel uncomfortable in certain situations where the goal was to live a more authentic life. Through this process of my own personal development, I’ve even been able to support friends, family and clients now that I am qualified with the PCA.

I now have the privilege of helping women who are struggling to navigate life in a Western society, whilst still being true to their authentic self and upholding their beliefs, values, culture and religion.

Stephen Ellerker

Stephen Ellerker

I have had a long career as an optometrist and a self employed businessman. Following a challenging divorce in my early forties, I took up a second career as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I initially trained as a counsellor at Keele University, followed by a Masters degree in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy at the Berne Institute.

After a short period of retirement, I decided to train as a Life Coach. It wasn’t until I experienced life coaching, and life coaching training with Carole Ann at the ”Pure Coaching Academy”, that I was fully able to put important pieces of my life fully together, and discover both who I am, and my life purpose. I realised coaching had given me my “road map” of discovery, as well as a “manual” for positive living.

My life purpose has been discovering a strong sense of identity, clearer boundaries and a commitment to self nurturing. To use my coach training, my psychotherapy training and life experience to ‘give back’, and build a worthwhile career I feel passionate about.

Having been abandoned to a children’s home at age three, and then to boarding school at the age of seven, I understand how I’d missed out on the nurturing that would have enabled me to fully develop. I believe we never completely lose ourselves, but instead uncover the self identity that was always there. An identity shrouded by years of unhelpful negative and untrue programming. Now, I understand how I can nurture my own persona with clarity, kindness and a loving and wholesome relationship with myself that began with refusing to abandon my inner child.

I have the qualifications, experience and life experience. If my story resonates with you, then let me take you on a journey of discovery, and introduce you to your future self by starting with a free discovery session.

I believe each of us has a unique and personal life purpose. Make your life purpose, your contribution to a life that feels fully alive.

Laura Whitfield

Laura Whitfield

Hi my name is Laura, I am a Spiritual Life coach and Evidential Medium.

My spiritual journey started when I was 30, I was going through a quarter life crisis.

I had lost my sense of self, I felt alone, my anxiety was so bad, I found it hard to leave the house, my confidence was at an all time low, I was verging on the edge of depression.

I was in a pit of despair not knowing how or if I would escape it.

The answer finally came to me, “Do what you loved when you were younger.”

My journey began with mediation practice. I started to feel the clarity I needed to move forward.

I was invited to a spiritualist church and decided to sit in circles and develop my intuition, psychic and mediumistic abilities.

The development of my gifts helped me to do the work I needed, to feel more aligned.

I found my passion and love for life again.

I reconnected with the magic i was missing for so long.

No longer was I unconfident or anxious. I no longer felt  lost or disconnected from myself.

I started to work professionally demonstrating mediumship and offering private readings.

I noticed a lot of people becoming reliant on the messages they received.

Wanting answers to questions, I knew they already had within them.

I often found myself coaching clients during private readings.

Which was extremely empowering. 

So I took the plunge and decided to become a certified life coach.

I believe in empowering my clients to reconnect with the power within them. To trust their intuition, connect with their spirituality and align their life in a way that feels right for them.

I support you to create your dream life.

We all have limitless potential!

Sometimes we need that support and guidance to remember who we are.


Melissa Neckar.

Melissa Neckar

Throughout my career as a teacher of Classics and Art History, I was known as someone students (girls, boys, non-binary) could come to for help with all sorts of problems. 

The kind of problems I helped students with were the unavoidable ones that come with being a young person: time management, organisation, social interaction, friendships, indecision. We think of these as part of the rite-of-passage to adulthood and so can expect young people manage on their own. Instead of letting students struggle solo to the detriment of their studies, relationships, health, happiness, I offered them a trusted space where we could tackle the inevitable.

Parents and friends can’t always provide that space. It’s near impossible for either to listen and help without agenda – whether they are consciously aware of it or not. The kind of “micro-problems” I’m talking about are not necessarily profoundly problematic enough for a therapist. Teachers in appointed pastoral positions often have their time taken up with the “macro-problems”, like bullying, self-harm, severe anxiety.

Sometimes students needed me more as a coach, especially in cases of indecision. In these instances I’d act as a sounding board – without agenda. I’d ask questions that would help pupils to find clarity and access an inner voice of intuition.

Sometimes they needed me more as a mentor, as someone with personal and professional experience with their struggles. I offered empathy and knowledge to help to come up with the right strategies for structuring time, improving concentration, developing healthy routines, building confidence, finding & staying committed to personal values.

Sometimes I was a blend of coach and mentor.

In whatever capacity I acted, students would feel better for being heard, for thinking aloud and unpacking a struggle, for having a goal and some action-steps to try out, and for knowing they had someone to report back to, someone to track their progress.

Coaching and mentoring students gave me profound joy and fulfilment. As more students sought my time – including ones who had left school – it became harder to help alongside my responsibilities as teacher.  After ten years, I wanted a break from school teaching but not from helping young people – be that academically or personally. So I continue to guide students through the classical and art history worlds as tutor and more committedly now through our world as coach and mentor. 

Victoria Derkach.

Victoria Derkach

My name is Victoria Derkach, I help driven professionals to achieve their desired work-life balance and personal development goals.

As a successful corporate career professional and a life coach I understand your journey and know your challenges.

I will provide you with a safe space for reflection, tools for creating a desired life and support through accountability and encouragement. I’ll be your cheerleader all the way to the finish line.

Hugh Wahla.

Hugh Wahla

Hi, I’m Hugh. I help high achievers like you find purpose, balance and joy.

My approach has always been about empowering people to believe in themselves and to deliver their own successes. By asking the right questions I can help you find your own answers. Whether that’s looking for support in helping your career or a more dramatic life change

I’ve managed to overcome the very early trauma of losing most of my immediate family and home, achieve professional success as a CEO and MD of global design and fashion brands, help raise an amazing family as well as find joy and beauty in everyday life.

Whatever I’ve achieved I’ve always had this niggling sense that there must be more. My own journey has involved several major professional and personal shifts in direction as well as a more spiritual 10 year journey through meditation, self discovery and growth and now I’m getting incredible rewards from helping others.

Ryan Edwards.

Ryan Edwards

Have you ever felt like you’re drifting and struggling through your life? Not fulfilling the ambitions that your younger self once held and wishing for more?
If you’ve ever felt there’s more to life than the monotonous grind that you’ve had to go through day after day, we can work together to uncover your passions and help to fire your soul once more.
Life and mindset coaching with me will help you to find the key to unlock those areas that are holding you back and help you to live the life you dreamed of.
Having trained at Pure Coaching Academy and using a wealth of knowledge from lived experiences myself, I can help you recognise and achieve your goals.

We will work together to create a pathway to reaching set goals whether it be in your professional life, personal life or both.
Working with you on your mentality and unlocking those doors that have stubbornly refused to budge.

Ana Carneiro.

Ana Carneiro

Graduating from Pure Coaching Academy, in April 2022, was the needed step just before Ana Carneiro started ‘Coach Ana Powerhouse’, a project born out of her passion for personal development and human behaviour and her desire to impact people’s life in the most meaningful and lasting way. Before committing fully to coaching, Ana worked almost 20 years in the Energy Industry and Engineering consultancy. With technical responsibilities, she experienced frequent business travel around the world, to assist project needs, including different expatriate placements and onshore – offshore rotations.

Being a high mobility professional for many years gave Ana an insight into the issues typical of these types of dynamics: the “non-routine” routines, the fast moving days, the challenging work-life balance.

“Coach Ana Powerhouse” is a response to the underlying call of support from individuals under this lifestyle, enabling High mobility-High Performance professionals connecting work-life dynamics and finding balance and joy in all aspects of Life.

”Walk the Talk”, and partner with Ana in this project , with 1 to 1 sessions, group experiences or immersive workshops. In tandem start a process of personal self-discovery and deep change.

Julia Caddick

Julia Caddick

After 25 years of successfully training singers and performers, during the pandemic, I took the opportunity to train as a Life Coach with Pure Coaching Academy. I’ve now taken this training in two different directions of coaching. Professional Presentation Coaching, and Coaching for Adolescents.

Your Voice, Your Impact – Vocal coaching and professional presentation coaching
Did you know we all have a secret weapon at our disposal to help us inspire, engage and instil confidence in others? It’s something we use every day, but most probably never use to its full potential…We’re talking about our voice.
In my presentation coaching, I help people who need to speak in public as part of their work to develop their voice to its full potential. As an experienced vocal and performance coach, I work with all the vocal and physical aspects of public speaking, enabling my clients to make a real impact, and to become confident, clear presenters, and inspirational leaders.

Coaching for Adolescents:
I love working with teenagers, I always have! As a coach, my work with adolescents is deeply embedded in my values – compassion, understanding, validation, encouragement, support, affirmation, energy and positivity. When I work with young people, I listen and form connection first. Then reflective listening and affirmation are the way in to a journey of empowerment with each young person. I encourage my young clients to trust their own good instincts, and help them develop sound judgement and confidence in themselves and their abilities. As their confidence grows, they find within themselves the tools to deal with their challenges. As a coach, I’m there to help point to skills they may have that they can develop more, and to introduce new ideas and skills that can help them achieve their aims. It’s exciting and much needed work.

Rosalind Dodd

Rosalind Dodd

Ros Dodd is a graduate of the Pure Coaching Academy. She is a naturally curious person who loves working with others. She is fascinated by how to get the best out of people by challenging their thoughts and perceptions of themselves, seeing change as positive and empowering, and using the benefits of neuroscience in coaching.

After qualifying with Pure Coaching Academy she undertook a course with the Neuroscience School to crystallize how the brain works with stress, focus, sleep, diet etc. so that clients can understand and act in accordance with their neural biology. Ros has had great results working with people in a variety of life situations such as career change and stagnation, empty nest syndrome and confidence, business creation and development.

Ros is particularly interested in resilience, courage and performance coaching. Having had a daughter in GB gymnastics, she has insight into how confidence, goal setting, motivation, self-belief, positive stress and resilience affect performance throughout the preparation period, but significantly under pressure in competition. She works with young athletes, but also any young people who lack self belief and need support creating their pathway in life.

She is currently undertaking training to become a sports massage therapist and hypnotherapist to complement her life training skills.

Instagram: @rosdoddlifecoach

Julie Friel

Julie Friel

Hi, my name is Julie and I am a fully certified and accredited Life Coach helping people make positive change in their lives thanks to my time at Pure Coaching Academy.

Self-esteem, confidence, clarity, direction. Are those areas of struggle for you? Don’t worry if so, they were for me too once. We all, at some point, struggle with limiting beliefs; beliefs often formed in the past that hinder us and trip us up, holding us back from living the life we know we could be living.
The good news is, we can change how we think, we already have that power within ust, we might just need a helping hand accessing it.

Coaching is that helping hand.

I offer a warm, encouraging space for my clients to work through confidence issues, life changes & personal challenges, career shifts and relationship difficulties. I help my clients overcome their fears and move confidently towards their dreams.

Lisa Heacock

Lisa Heacock

Have you ever felt stuck? Stuck in a job you didn’t like? Stuck in an unhappy relationship? Stuck in grief after loved ones have died? I get it. I have been there. I was feeling stuck and knowing there was more to life than my 9-5 job, more passion and purpose. That is when I decided to follow my dreams and become a Life Coach.

After graduating from Pure Coaching Academy in the Autumn of 2021, I quit my 9-5 job and am now the proud owner of Holistic Life Coaching with Lisa Marie. I am passionate about helping those who feel stuck. I help individuals rebuild, transform, and take action to create the life they dream of.

As a Life Coach, I help my clients view their life holistically. You can eat all the kale in the world but if you have toxic relationships or a career you hate, no amount of kale is going to bring about true health and happiness. I believe every human has that knowing within them. Knowing when something does not feel right. I help individuals uncover their knowing so they can live free, unapologetic, loud and powerful.

Life can be difficult and change is not easy. I love walking alongside my clients as they transform and celebrate with them as they break down the blocks that are holding them back.

I live in England but have clients all over the world and offer one-to-one sessions via Zoom.

Helen Tovey

Helen Tovey

I believe everyone has the power to achieve greatness and every business has the right to employ great people!

I’m Helen, an NLP Master Practitioner and a passionate and results-driven Personal Excellence Coach, committed to helping individuals unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary success in both their personal and their professional lives.

With a background in learning and development, coaching and NLP, I bring a unique blend of skills and insights to guide my clients towards realising their goals and cultivating a mindset of excellence.

My mission is to empower individuals to overcome challenges, maximise their strengths, and lead a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Caroline Jeffrey

Caroline Jeffrey

Taking a little time and action to work out what’s working and what’s not in your life will save you time, money and energy. With my support we will tailor a plan of action specifically for you. Your takeaway is the confidence to know you are heading in the right direction based on what your true values are. You will be confident and that your actions and beliefs are fuelling your desired goals.

With creativity and kindness I will support you, with my life skills and knowledge I will guide you and with my sense of adventure we will explore even your wildest dreams.

You don’t need permission to change direction, just believe you can.

Angela Spencer

Angela Spencer

After graduation from the Pure Coaching Academy in Autumn 2020 Angela founded Virago Wellness, a coaching company with the mission to empower women through self-discovery.

Angela hosts workshops and delivers both group and one-to-one coaching for her clients. She also supports organisations to help women unlock what holds them back and rise in the workplace.

Flora (Floss) Andrews

Flora (Floss) Andrews

After graduating from the Pure Coaching Academy in April 2021, Floss started her business Mindset Five, and works with people in the football industry to discover how to unlock their full potential in work and life.
Before training to become a life coach, Floss had 20 years’ experience in the sports industry, working at top level governing bodies and Clubs such as Premier League, NFL, Chelsea, Rugby World Cup, Norwich City and QPR.

“I know that working in sport can be seen as the ultimate, but that it comes with vast and unique pressures. It’s cut-throat, it’s lonely and it’s not a place to show your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It’s a place where change happens quickly, but when you are in control, you can orchestrate your change.

This is where I will help!”

Karen McGinn

Karen McGinn

Hi my name is Karen McGinn and my aim is to help you live the best life possible. So, what qualifies me to work with you as your Life Coach?

Apart from my certificate in Life Coaching from The Real Coaching Academy, I have struggled with many of the issues that Life Coaching can help with including: Feeling as though I am not good enough, the need to please everyone in order to gain approval, being uncertain of what I want to do with my life, fearful of failing and generally feeling as though life is passing me by and I am not living the life I want.

I know what it is like to be sure that there is more to life, but not have a clue what it is or how to get it.

Through coaching I have successfully turned my life around and now have the life I have always dreamed of. I still have my wobbles and doubts, but now I have the knowledge to deal with them effectively when they arise.

As well as my coaching qualification I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Careers Advice and I have successfully run my own business since 2011, creating my perfect work life balance. I am a trained Style Consultant and I love helping women declutter and revamp their wardrobe. I am a qualified Pilates and Yoga Instructor and passionate about health and wellbeing. I love anything creative and have finally worked up the courage to call myself an artist.

So, let me help you ‘Find Your Fabulous’.

Pritum Patel | The Feel-Good Life Coach

Pritum Patel | The Feel-Good Life Coach

Imagine feeling inspired every morning, energised all day and deeply satisfied in the evening – because your work is so aligned to who you are, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like you.

Hi, I’m Pritum Patel, The Feel-Good Life Coach – and I’m here to help you get there.

I know from experience that being truly happy at work is not about your work conditions. It’s not even about the work itself. It’s about you.

While spending 3 weeks on my couch with work stress, I got a life-changing wakeup call that the job was never the issue. I was. Once I saw my problems were self-made, I made changes to myself – small changes that made a big difference and set free the real me.

The result? I fell in love with the very same job that stressed the hell out of me. And it didn’t stop there.

Fast forward 3 years. I now live in Majorca and spend my days doing exactly what I love, the way I love it – I have deep and meaningful coaching calls, filled with aha moments for my clients, that leave them feeling energised. And when inspiration hits, I’ll go write an article at my local beachside coffee shop or throw in the odd snorkeling break.

I’m not just doing work I Iove that feels like me. I’m living a life I love – where work just slots in perfectly around everything else I love.

That’s what doing work that feels like me looks like – for me.

For one of my clients, it looked like founding a sustainable startup that’ll change the world and scoring top new investors, over silly conversations and a friendly beer.

What would it look like for you? Let’s take an adventure and find out.

Renata Nowak-Lardner

Renata Nowak-Lardner

Hi my name is Renata, i’m very passionate about helping others love themselves, make better choices out of love, not fear and creating the life of your dreams. Although Ive had a successful career and have lived in 4 countries, my choices did not serve or support me.

I was very unhappy and felt that i was missing something… my own self-love. It took me getting ill to discover that. Well I am here to help you get there without you getting ill! I am here to listen, to help you explore and discover yourself, fall in love with who you are and shine your light on this planet.

I use powerful tools like EFT (tapping) to create a deep and lasting change. I have studied with the best coaches in the UK and USA.

Follow me on instagram @lovealwaysiscoach.



Hi – I’m Betina, a proud Viking who calls London home, but currently doing my business from Tanzania – because… why not?! A coaching business can be run from anywhere.

I believe that every day presents an opportunity to learn something new so we can improve or change something in our lives or to reach our goals – whether personally or professionally. My purpose is to support people with that process.

My clients are typically professionals who are looking to upgrade their leadership skills or seeking a significant career or life change. I offer both one-to-one coaching and group coaching programmes – my flagship programme is Heart-centred Leadership; how to be an authentic and effective leader through courage, honesty and kindness!

Berkano – Bold Coaching for Leadership & Change “The most obvious truth is hidden deep within, and only you will ever know it.”

Lorna & Lauren Valcin

Lorna & Lauren Valcin

LV Coaching is a mother and daughter life coaching business set up in the first lockdown!

We both have a passion for life coaching. Lorna is a freedom coach, helping women find their freedom whether related to their personal or professional lives. Lauren is a manifesting ninja who is all things law of attraction, helping people her own age to manifest the futures of their dreams. Together our aim is to bring positivity to all that we do and for those that we serve.

Insta: l.v_coaching, Facebook: LV Coaching

Shirley Kennett

Shirley Kennett

I am a life coach that is passionate about helping others, feel better about themselves. Having personally gone on a journey of self discovery, I want to now empower others to live a happy and fulfilled life. I am inspirational and want to motivate others, to make positive and lasting changes, so that they become the best version of themselves. I want to give them the tools to grow in confidence so that they pursue their goals, commit to take action and then they will see the results for themselves! I want to show them that the mind is a powerful tool and that they are in control of their own destiny and happiness. I will encourage them to take personal responsibility so that they take back control of their own life. I will hold them accountable in our sessions so that they stay motivated and achieve their goals.

Yasmin and Nadia

Yasmin and Nadia

Hi, we’re Yasmin and Nadia, the creators of All Round Abundance. We are passionate coaches on a mission to help you heal negative patterns and beliefs holding you back from living the abundant, fulfilled and balanced life that you dream of having. We want to help you go from overworked to overjoyed.

Over the last 10 years we have been on a journey to get from overworked, lost, stuck and confused to where we are today. Today we live authentically, in balance and feel at peace and abundant in our lives.

We experienced and leant first hand that for this to happen we needed to overcome negative beliefs, patterns and programming. We had to transform from within and we are here to help guide and support you to reach your own inner transformation.

We use the knowledge, experience and tools we gained from our own journeys to teach effective ways for you to make changes in your life, feel worthy and embody the most extraordinary version of yourself.

Lauren Paton

Lauren Paton

Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m a life coach and energy practitioner. I bring coaching and energy healing together to help women to break down the boundaries around their potential and rebuild their self-belief to become unstoppable forces of nature.

I spent more than 15 years working in marketing for household names, battling my insecurities and self-doubt, until I realised I wanted something more for myself. Something bigger, more fulfilling and more joyful than what I had. After doing the work, I’m on a mission to help other women do the same.

I bring the incredible coaching training I got from Carole-Ann, combined with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, a powerful energy therapy that helps clear our blocks), as well as a dose of spirituality and straight-talking loving support.

James Carpenter

James Carpenter

After a difficult start to my life I worked my way through various roles from serving in the territorial army, stints as a taxi and lorry driver to work as a shipping clerk and as a computer engineer in the corporate world. But I have found my passion in coaching and am really looking forward to following a vocation that inspires me. I want to help you to…

live the life you were meant to live
live the life of your dreams
boost your self-esteem
give you the confidence to believe in yourself again
restore your self-belief
put the fun back in your life

I am here to guide, support and encourage you.

Catherine Hall

Catherine Hall

As The Healthy Life Coach I specialise with working with men and women who have 2-3 stone to lose and mum’s in their 30’s and 40’s who want to lose their baby weight and feel like themselves again!

Gloria Jensen

Gloria Jensen

Bonjour & Willkommen! I am Gloria, a multicultural Life coach, passionated traveller and surfer.

There is more to life than what we think is possible and available to us. I help people to become who they aspire to be and live a deeply satisfying and happy life. I specialise as well in supporting Empaths, Gifted & Talented Adults, who often are not aware of their specific challenges. These intense personalities have a highly absorbing mental and/or emotional life, and they never got their « instruction manual » to their atypical functioning. I give them the missing piece of the puzzle.

More generally, my talent is in shifting your energy and mindset to make you flourish. Helping people to get a new and transformational perspective is one of the greatest value of my coaching. Once you master your mindset, you have a tool for life! Let’s make it happen and close the gap between where you are and where you want to go – in English, French or German 😉

Lucia Paredes Suanzes

Lucia Paredes Suanzes

Hi! I’m Lucia, a transformational coach usually described as creative, passionate, energetic who sports an unlimited optimism! Which also happen to be the tools I use in my practice to help you achieve your goals and thrive.

In coaching, my passion for both personal development and creativity meets my mission: to help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of, to the fullest.

I am an accredited Life Coach and an experienced Marketeer with a 15-year award-winning career. I can help you by providing clarity, expertise and a helping hand to support you and guide you along this journey. I want to transform your ideas into actions and your dreams into reality. Trust the sky is the limit and have the confidence to follow your heart, because when we work together you’ll be unstoppable!

You can follow me on Facebook:, Instagram:, or drop me an email: Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing magic happen, Lucia

Naila Khan

Naila Khan

I am a Life coach specialising in building confidence and guiding my clients to realise their visions and achieve their goals.

As someone who understands the challenges life can throw at you, I have learnt through experience how to overcome and thrive through adversity. I could appear confident to the outside world whist totally lacking confidence deep down, on the inside. Well, it turned out that the old and overwhelming feeling of powerlessness eventually became my gift in working with extraordinary men and women like you. The power of the work I do is evident from the of set. I am experienced, structured, flexible and results oriented.

Ragini Hildreth

Ragini Hildreth

Having been a successful school teacher and leader, Ragini is now using her experience and expertise as a professional life coach. She is passionate about helping others to succeed and has established her business to inspire and equip people to flourish personally and professionally.

Ragini has overcome many challenges. She has survived the trauma of multiple bereavement; rebuilt her career after burn out; overcome shyness to become a confident public speaker and tackled obesity by learning about nutrition and exercise. Her tenacity has been forged in adversity and she firmly believes that it is never too late to begin again or to make lifestyle changes. So, if you are exhausted by setbacks and are looking for a coach to help you bounce back, contact Ragini. She will work with you to create a spiral of success that equips you to excel.

Laura Davies

Laura Davies

I coach those who feel stuck, those who wonder if they must continue to feel unfulfilled and those who are not sure if they can make changes on their own. 

I work with coaching clients to find creative solutions that make a lasting positive difference. I explore my client’s strengths, limiting beliefs and passions. I take great pride in providing practical advice and support that enables my clients to identify what is holding them back and the steps they can take right now. My clients often comment that they didn’t realise how much control they had over their own happiness and success.

Laura is a certified life coach with sixteen years experience in education, the public sector, strategic planning and project management. She has a specific interest and qualifications in the field of stress management and performance coaching. Her coaching approach is logical and methodical. She uses her experience as a qualified teacher, consultant and company director to enable her clients to identify and achieve their goals.

William Ferguson

William Ferguson

Hi, I’m William Ferguson. Happily married to a wonderful wife and proud father of 3 children.

I am a Life Coach and Business Mentor. I offer coaching for the individual to help them with challenges in their personal or work lives. I have a vast depth of knowledge and experience from my own life experiences and show real empathy and understanding to all my clients.

I have been in business for over 30 years and still have business interests. I live in Belfast, having previously lived and worked in London. My professional career has been spent within the Estate Agency profession in Belfast and London and for the last 8 years, I have been operating a Pawnbroking business in Northern Ireland.

Having had Coaching sessions for myself; I really want to Coach other people as they face challenges in their personal or work lives. It is a very empowering experience and really helps you understand your thoughts and feelings.

Sarah Swain

Sarah Swain

A certified coach and interior designer, Sarah wants to help you ensure all areas of your life work together.

She understands that our lives are a combination of many parts and so brings her unique blend of skills to ensure you are being the person you want to be, doing the things you want to do, in spaces you absolutely love.

Sarah believes there is a fundamental interaction between your emotional/mental well-being and the spaces in which you spend your time, so she works with you to get clarity in your home and your life.

And she does that in the way that suits you best; it could be 1-2-1 in coaching sessions, through interior design consultations or perhaps you enjoy group situations, in which case her vision board workshops may be your preference.

Some clients like a blend of all these approaches and Sarah enjoys being able to offer that flexibility.

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence is a Life Coach working in Kent, supporting and empowering people that have found themselves facing a childless lifestyle.

Her workshops focus on the issues that affect those who are unable to have children, using her knowledge and experience to help them find their passion again.

Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves

I believe passionately that everyone has their own special brand of magic. I’ll help you understand the whys that are holding you back and how to conquer them, figure out what your ideal future looks like and create a concrete plan of action so that you can make it a reality. I’m a coach, yes, but I’ll also be your personal cheerleader, motivating you to go beyond where you think you could be to where you truly can be, and your accountability partner, keeping you on track every step of the way.

Michelle is a certified life and mindset coach, author and speaker with 10+ years background in corporate marketing. Find out more about coaching with Michelle and her book “The Happiness Habits Transformation” at or call her on 07923 245609.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown

Julie is a transformational writer, accredited business/life coach, and publicity expert.

She has been in the media industry as a journalist/editor for over 16 years having worked on some of the UK’s top magazines (which she still does as a freelancer). Through her coaching business, Write Little Madam, Julie helps business owners increase their visibility through the power of storytelling and press coverage. As an experienced life coach, she also works alongside business owners when the wobbly stick of confidence, self-doubt, fear, lack of knowledge, skills or experience starts prodding at their sides.

If writing for your business is a sticky issue for you, Julie has you covered here too. She coaches entrepreneurs to enable them to write beautiful blogs, super social media and flipping marvellous marketing messages. She will also be the one who takes the fear out of staring at a blank screen and as-yet-untapped keyboard and instead, makes it feel like an exciting opportunity to tell the world about your amazing business.

“There’s no secret to writing great copy,” she says. And she means it. “No one knows more about your business than you do. And no one has more passion for it either. Which means the best person to be writing about your business is…you. My simple, but effective techniques will coach you into becoming a better writer.” As an experienced journalist, editor and publisher for many magazines and online, across many different subject matters, Julie understands what makes an audience tick.

In addition to the coaching, she can also help get you started by writing copy for your business and running press campaigns for you.

Julie is accredited with the IAPC&M, which means you are always guaranteed top quality input, safe in the knowledge that Julie has to prove she is continually developing herself.

Michelle Thole

Michelle Thole

Michelle is an internationally accredited life coach, a professional singer, vocal coach, actress and volunteer at London Zoo. Her values of authenticity, kindness, creativity, energy and curiosity weave into her varied lifestyle. She would describe her life as having no two days ever looking the same. Michelle has clients from all over the world wanting her specific blend of tailor-made coaching. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s as unique and creative as she is. If you think you’ve tried it all, think again.

Her coaching uses her inspirational personality, kindness, guidance and motivation to enable her clients to dream big, make a plan and get to work. All the while, keeping clients accountable, fearless and confident whilst they courageously take the practical steps needing to achieve their dreams.

Michelle has helped clients find their purpose, give presentations to large crowds, find their voice, to change careers, starting a production company, find the perfect partner, how to love themselves and those around them, lose weight and feel great, get out of debt and into financial freedom, and break down the barriers to fear and live authentically. This is what she was born to do and her success is dependent on you succeeding too. Join the tribe who are loving life.

Gemma McCrae

Gemma McCrae

Gemma is a Coach, Declutter Expert, Property Expert, Blogger, Author and Columnist. She has a BSc (Hons) in Estate Management, is a Chartered Surveyor, An Accredited Practitioner Life Coach with the IIC&M and also a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

Gemma has set up her companies and established her brand, Prosperity Kitchen with only two missions in mind: to help people and to allow her the freedom to do things she loves most.

Prosperity Kitchen Coaching was established in 2016 and operates internationally. As an Accredited Coach, Gemma provides a clean, objective and skilled approach to help solve whatever problem her Client may be encountering. Through empowerment, Gemma works with her Clients to smash down any obstacles they may be facing and ultimately achieve their dreams.

Gemma has worked with Clients all over the world and with her personal and motivational approach her Client’s successes have been phenomenal.

Prosperity Kitchen currently encompasses Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Decluttering and Real Estate and Gemma is looking to expand into the whole foods supermarket and restaurant business in the foreseeable future.

Gemma lives in Newbury, Berkshire with her husband Jason. Contact Gemma at

Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris

“Sustainable Confidence and Success Starts From Within You!”

Samantha is an internationally accredited IAPC&M Coach, who works with a wide range of clients to positively change their mindset and overcome obstacles, in order to experience, clarity, confidence and success within both their personal and professional lives.

Another aspect of Samantha’s coaching practice supports leaders, high-flying professionals, and people who live or work in the spotlight. She empowers her clients to overcome lack of direction, imposter syndrome, low confidence, self-doubt, public speaking, performance or leadership anxiety and fear of exposure. She also supports her clients to effectively manage the pressures of exposure, competition, responsibility and expectations.

Marina Lambrou

Marina Lambrou

Marina Lambrou (PhD) is a graduate of the Pure Coaching Academy and an accredited practitioner life coach with the IIC&M. With a background in education and as an Associate Professor in linguistics, language and communication, Marina is an expert in analysing how we communicate through our linguistic choices, whether in the stories we tell about our experiences or in the language we use in different (media) contexts. As a life coach, she is able to use these skills to make significant insights to guide and support you. 

The life Professor provides life coaching in many areas to help you gain clarity, make changes and give you a better and more fulfilling sense of purpose. Areas Marina can coach you on include: work and career issues, goal setting for a happier life, health and well-being, time management, self-confidence, relationship issues, public speaking and also coaching to develop bespoke courses. For more information, email

Kate Davies

Kate Davies

Kate Davies is a fertility practitioner, fertility coach and columnist. Kate works with women wishing to optimise their ability to conceive naturally and coaches women going through a difficult fertility journey.

Kate’s background is working for over 20 years as a NHS specialist nurse in Gynaecology, Sexual and contraceptive health and fertility. Kate has her own practice in Lincolnshire but also teaches and consults women nationally and internationally via the wonders of Skype!

As well as her natural fertility and coaching services, Kate is also passionate about Natural Contraception and teaches women all over the country on how to use this effective, safe and natural method of contraception.


Rebecca Ronane

Rebecca Ronane

I am fifty-nine years old and celebrating. I live between sunny Provence and the East end of London which I love! After thirty years in the travel business, a redundancy and a health issue and fantastic luck I came across Carole Ann Rice and the Pure Coaching Academy which has been life changing.

My process of reinvention continues and although I still wear many hats my focus is on my coaching business which ‘Coaches women to go forward after fifty’. I have reinvented myself in my fifties and I am passionate that women at whatever age they are, realise that past fifty there is great life potential. Recently I have started a successful Networking group called ‘Network Provence’ here in the south of France.

Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell is a marketing coach, an accredited practitioner life coach with the IIC&M, writer and public speaker living in London.

Her business, Your-Dreamcatcher, is a hub for successful women who are on a mission to live a balanced life. Personally. Professionally. Socially. Karen is a passion-led, results-orientated coach and mentor who expertly addresses personal and professional conundrums that life throws at us. The goal; to achieve both and marry balance and clarity with serenity and success. A home. At work. At play. By connecting dreams, goals and values with an achievable and strategic plan, clients find themselves leaving a room ten foot tall rather than 8 inches small, and vividly stepping into a happier, lighter and altogether lovelier life.

Karen currently contributes a regular coaching column for Sarah Millican’s online women’s magazine Standard Issue, recently hosted a workshop at The School of Life and runs a monthly networking group.

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  • “Carole Ann is a total pro and shares her experience generously and productively. As a former teacher, I recognised and appreciated the preparation that went into each well-structured session. I recommend her and the Pure Coaching Academy wholeheartedly!”

    Melissa Neckar

  • “I finally feel confident to spread my wings and fly!!! Thank you so much Pure Coaching Academy and Carole Ann! I am so glad I’ve chosen your academy and trust me, I did my research!”

    Monika Braglewicz

  • “An incomparable bonus, especially for an introvert with otherwise poor networking skills, was the introduction to a group of 20 or so like-minded fellow prospective coaches, the kindest and most supportive of people, whose magnanimity and friendship I will always cherish.”

    Roger Clifton

  • “A truly transformational course!”

    Nathan Ripley

  • “The whole course was brilliant, I learnt so much, I felt supported, I met the most incredible human beings and the best thing was having the course online”

    Emma Wood

  • “The content I’ve learned from this course has been invaluable. I went in unsure if 8 weeks were enough to make me a “real” life coach but I left feeling so confident and ready for business.”

    Ellie Romaine

  • “Amazing experience. Self-discovery with real feedback. I am proud to be a graduate of this academy and would recommend it.”

    AJ O

  • “Undertaking training at The Pure Coaching Academy was a fantastic decision. Carole-Ann is truly inspiring and the weeks just flew by.”

    Mary Mullarkey

  • “The course was excellent with a very varied and intellectually stimulating programme, including amongst others a session dedicated to spirituality with which I was able to identify enormously.”

    Simon Buck

  • “You learn so much about yourself while at the same time learning to help others. If you are looking for an accredited coaching course I can’t recommend it enough.”

    Amanda James

  • “The course is really rich in content, and is delivered in a way that makes you experience it at the same time.”

    Floss Andrews

  • “This course and Carole Ann have provided a platform and a safe space in which for me to gain clarity, evolve and be equipped with the skills to be a truly great coach.”

    Georgie G

  • “Not only did this course provide all the necessary tools/techniques (plus more) to become a coach, but it also gave me the boost in confidence I needed to progress.”

    Rhishai Mais

  • “Not only do you learn the skills of coaching, but also the skills needed to run a successful business. You get to practice coaching in a safe space with wonderfully supportive feedback.”

    Julie Brown

  • “I started the course with a wish to one day in the distant future become a life coach – I finished the course determined and confident of making that dream happen as quickly as possible such was the increase in my confidence.”

    Ryan Edwards

  • “You begin coaching and are coached from week 1, which bolsters your learning and builds your confidence.”

    Lorraine Gammack

  • “If you are looking for a short-term but effective life coaching training course, Pure Coaching Academy is definitely your number one choice.”

    G Chi

  • “DREAM COACHING COURSE. I could not recommend this course enough. Carole Ann and Julie delivered the content in such an interactive, engaging and inspiring way.”

    Katie Hardaker

  • “I knew I wanted to complete a coaching qualification but also knew that I learn best from practicing as I go. Pure Coaching Academy was the only course that I could find where you coach from Day 1.”

    Emma C

  • “If you are looking for a Life Coaching course to take, this is the one for you! I am so grateful for Pure Coaching Academy!”

    Lisa Heacock

  • “If the courses you’ve found on offer so far leave you a bit cold, or worse still ‘too salesy’ and lack substance, trust me look no further than PURE. From day 1 you will be experiencing world class coaching.”

    Jude Arnup

  • “This course is worth it, teaches you so much and makes sure you are ready in all aspects! ”

    Elissa Cia

  • “I couldn’t be happier with the content rich course, the group of people I’ve met and the growth I’ve achieved in such a short space of time.”

    Nathan Ripley

  • “Such a supportive community spirit and I really enjoyed the great buddy coaching relationship that was built”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “The backup notes were incredible and I will be using them when I start my coaching practice”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “I loved the freestyle coaching approach that is not dependent on a model”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “I now have team meetings where I coach my distributors overcome fear, procrastination and to set real goals”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “The notes were very comprehensive and great back up refresher – clearly written and well presented”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “What I loved was the varied content, inspirational teaching and practice and the amazing, empowering journey”

    Karen Campbell

    Marketing Manager
  • “The notes were well thought through and I always felt like an expert after reading them”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “The Pure Coaching Manual was excellent and substantial”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “We covered more than I expected and it was never boring – every week was worthwhile”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I hope to have a healthy coaching practice within the year”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “The buddy coaching was a great way to learn”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “I loved getting to know my fellow coaches”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “If you’re looking for a hands-on, intensive coaching course with a friendly group and based on real life experiences, this course is for you!”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “This course will stretch you out of your comfort zone and transform you to be the person you were meant to be. Be ready to be transformed from good to amazing. To Carole and her team I will be eternally grateful”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “The coaching notes were written brilliantly and easily understood”

    Karen Campbell

    Marketing Manager
  • “The PCA course provides a powerful collection of tools for dealing the present and defining the future. A unique opportunity to find community and help in a truly open and non-judgmental environment”

    Lee Mollins

    Data Analysis Director – Financial Services
  • “It was surprising to have real clients to join us to coach and was a great way to put into practice what we learned”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “There was more ‘real’ coaching client practice than I expected – which was great”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “Outstanding course content, structure and format. Carole Ann and Lou are very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “This is the course you need to be on. It’s totally real!”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I really enjoyed the openness and personal sharing, we practised on ‘live’ clients and the notes really covered the modules properly.”

    Lee Mollins

    Data Analysis Director – Financial Services
  • “The notes were just brilliant! It was great to focus on the course and not have to make tons of notes as they were very clear, useful and I actually looked forward to reading them when they arrived each week”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delivery, though it was structured and directed too”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “This course was challenging, insightful, brilliant – it covers all the topics you need to start running a successful practice. I loved every minute. Carole Ann’s background in business and journalism added extra expertise”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “It was experiential but it also had structure”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan

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