Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
  • How to build a successful life coaching business

    How to build a thriving coaching business, make an impact in the world and create a life of freedom and financial independence.

  • How to build a successful life coaching business

    How to build a thriving coaching business, make an impact in the world and create a life of freedom and financial independence.

Welcome to the beginning of your new life

Discover a unique and proven 4-step method to become a world class life coach, attract your ideal clients and run a successful, sustainable and fun-filled business.

In just 56 days.

How would you like to run a successful, high-earning coaching business

One that changes peoples’ lives while making a meaningful impact in the world…

Giving you the flexibility to choose your own work schedule…

And have the financial freedom to travel the world, treat your family to everything they deserve and comfortably cover the bills each month without working 50 or 60 hours a week…

While doing something you love every single day…

Well, this is exactly the type of lifestyle that most coaches dream of when they first start out.

The reality is VERY different.

For the vast majority of coaches – this life just doesn’t exist.

Their days are often long, tiring and stressful.

They struggle to find new clients and worry what will happen if their existing ones decide to leave…

They’re afraid to charge higher fees so have to work around the clock to ensure they make enough…

Or they spend far too much time doing free work because they hate letting people down.

And then there’s the cancelled sessions to deal with…

Or worse…

Being ghosted and not knowing if they’ll hear from the client ever again.

So instead of coming home to reflect on a rewarding day of helping people…

Most coaches spend their evenings worrying about the future and questioning whether they’ve made the right career choice.

And it’s not because they don’t have the ability to change peoples lives…

Because they do.

It’s because many of the coaching companies out there overlook the most essential skills you need to become a top class coach.

They focus almost solely on coaching theory, and don’t provide the know-how and self-belief to get people results…

Or they offer no insight into what it takes to actually run a business and get paying clients on a consistent basis…

Clients who LOVE working with you, happily pay your fees, and can’t wait to refer friends and family to you, every chance they get.

And it’s for these reasons, that, most coaches end up stuck.

Because, without the confidence to put themselves out there…

Or the mindset to charge fees that reflect the great work they’re doing…

They end up burnt out chasing every potential client that comes their way…

Or worse…

They’re forced to go back to their day job because they can’t afford to pay the bills.

It should never be like this.

But here’s the good news

There’s a Very Simple Way That ANY Coach Can Master High-Values Skills That Give Them the Income, Impact and Freedom They Desire …

Now, you may have previously invested in an expensive course or programme that left you underwhelmed or disappointed.

And you might be thinking “I’ve heard all this before”.

But I promise, this is different.

And no, it’s not about:

  • Building an expensive website
  • Mastering Facebook ads or Google SEO
  • Posting on multiple social media platforms several times a day
  • Bombarding people’s inboxes with with dozens of cold emails
  • Or ‘secret marketing tricks’ to get a ‘flood of leads’ on autopilot

It’s none of those.

So if you give me a few minutes of your time I’ll reveal a method that’s not like anything else you’ve seen.

Something that very few other coaches are doing.

Whether you’re brand new to coaching and would like to shortcut your way to success…

Or an existing coach who’d like new ways to reach more people, have more impact and grow your business faster….

You’ll discover how to overcome all your fears or limiting beliefs so you know how to attract your dream client AND confidently charge them what you’re worth.

Ultimately, you’ll be given all the coaching skills and business tools to be successful in your chosen niche so you can live the freedom driven lifestyle you deserve.

Just as Michelle, Josie and Lydia did –

Michelle Reeves


Michelle Reeves Coaching

“This world-class training will enable you to not only start coaching straight away but to truly experience coaching as it happens. It will show you how to build a sustainable business from a place of authenticity based on your personal values and aspirations. I personally had a major realisation about my mindset and the impact this was having on my business as a result of working with Carole Ann”

Josie Shepherd


Josie Shepherd Coaching

“I believe life is too short to be stuck in a career that makes you feel miserable or a lifestyle that feels blah rather than brilliant. So, I took the plunge and trained to become a life coach. The Pure Academy was a real game-changer for me. Carole Ann helped open my eyes to what’s really possible and encouraged us all to think and dream bigger. Since I graduated, I’ve built my coaching business that helps 30-something women to change careers, bounce back from redundancy or retrain in a new industry to achieve the work/life balance they’ve been dreaming of. And I’ve never been happier.”

Lydia McDowall

Lydia McDowall

LKM Coaching

“The Pure Coaching Academy course has been a truly fantastic experience. I have learnt so much in the eight weeks, not just about coaching but also about myself. It’s been a real journey. The course exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad I decided to do it when I did. I started out thinking that life coaching was a career I’d pursue one day way into the future, but this course has given me the knowledge and confidence to know that I am ready to do it now.”

Before I reveal how Michelle, Josie and Lydia were able to create the business of their dreams, I should introduce myself…

My Story.

My name is Carole Ann Rice.

You might be wondering what makes me qualified to talk about life coaching.

I discovered the power of coaching back in 2001. After losing my job as a journalist I hired a coach to help me go freelance and the impact it had on me was life-changing.

I was so impressed with how quickly she was able to help me move forward by breaking down my limiting beliefs – I just had to learn how to do it myself.

Something inside of me was ignited during those sessions – something that just felt ‘right’.

So I followed my instincts and took the plunge into the world of life coaching.

And it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Because since then I’ve gone on to grow my own coaching business, which is how I’ve earned my living for the past 20 years.

I fell in love with coaching from day one and promised myself I would strive to become the very best coach I could be.

And I’m pleased to say I’ve had some success along the way.

Here a few of what I like to call my ‘brag bullets’:

  • In 2017 I won the Best Coach Award at the Best Business Women’s Award
  • I’m proudly an Associate Coach of the International Association of Professional Coaching and Mentoring
  • And I’ve been fortunate enough to feature in Sky’s ‘Who’d Be A Billionaire’ series as well as various national newspapers and publications
Best Business Women award winner 2017.
Accredited fellow coach.

But what matters more than any accolade or award…

The thing that’s always been the most important…

Are the people I work with.

I’ve helped hundreds of men and women to achieve their true calling in life.

Coaching people to overcome personal obstacles so they reach their full potential…

Or seeing someone completely turn their fortunes around to create a life full of promise and positivity…

Will, for me, always be the greatest part of this job.

Which is why I continue to coach to this day – there’s just nothing in the world like it.

And, in a 360 turn from my own coaching sessions all those years ago…

I now train other men and women to become world class life coaches and create their own coaching practices.

Even if they have no prior business or marketing knowledge …or even a clue how or where to start.

Because, the truth is…

I’ve Walked In Your Shoes.

After nearly two decades in the industry, I have an in-depth understanding of what holds people back and prevents them from going after their dreams.

So I hope you trust me when I say…

‘’I’ve been where you are… and I know exactly how you’re feeling right now’’

But more importantly, I know what you need to propel your business forward in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Coaching has given me a wonderful life and career. The challenges and rewards (both personal and financial) have been beyond anything I could have expected when I started out.

Unfortunately, it isn’t like this for everyone.

I’ve seen far too many people give up on their dreams of running their own coaching business.

Which has always saddened me.

Because not only does life coaching provide a career of meaning and purpose…

It’s an amazing opportunity to create a lifestyle that offers incredibly flexible working hours and total financial independence.

With the right guidance and strategy I truly believe anyone can create a business they love and the lifestyle they desire.

However, most coaches don’t ever get to experience that life.

And here’s the really sad thing about it…

It’s never through any fault of their own.

Because it’s not something they are doing wrong.

It’s the fault of the coaching industry itself.

3 Reasons Why Most Life Coaching Courses Fail…And How to Spot Them.

Now, what I’m about to say next may sound a little controversial…


Much of what other coaching companies teach is just not that good…or even relevant.

Which is why so many people end up frustrated and stagnating in their careers after forking out a huge chunk of their hard earned money.

Here’s the problem with most coaching courses.

Reason 1 – They’re Not Run By Real Coaches

There are lots of people running programmes who have zero experience of coaching.

Quite literally, they’ve never coached a single person before. So they have no ‘hands-on’ knowledge of what it’s really like to work with someone on a personal level.

There are so-called ‘mentors’ who have never run their own business – but are claiming they can help others to build theirs.

This has always felt wrong to me. It means you’re being taught by nothing more than ‘trainers’ or glorified ‘marketers’ who may not have your best interests at heart.

The coaching space is growing every year and, unfortunately, there are people looking to capitalise on that opportunity by making a quick buck. So it’s important to research who you’re learning from, before you invest.

Reason 2 – Too Much Theory

Many courses simply don’t show you how to truly help clients make breakthroughs in their lives — and get actual results

So to compensate for this, they go heavy on the theoretical side of coaching. And while some of it has its place – it usually just means you end up spending hours and hours studying and getting bogged down with exams.

Which will do nothing to move your business forward.

Reason 3 – Questionable Methods

The worst of the lot – being encouraged to adopt unnecessary or manipulative methods.

Unfortunately, many life coaching courses will go down this route. They promote things like:

  • Using high-pressure or pushy sales tactics
  • Setting up complex marketing funnels to generate leads on ‘auto-pilot’
  • Creating a product sales ladder to keep your clients buying from you over and over again – rather than actually helping them get results right from the start

Not only are these tactics a waste of time but they’re unethical. They’ll just make you and your client feel uncomfortable — and there’s a huge chance of destroying the relationship before it begins.

And while these methods may bring you some clients initially, in the long term you’ll just end up ruining your reputation.

The Fastest & Most Effective Way to Grow Your Coaching Business.

Now, I don’t want to belittle every single training or programme that’s out there – because some do have their merits.

But most pale in comparison when it comes to the things that really matter.

Such as:

‘Experiential’ Coaching – This is the only type of training that’s applicable in the real world. This ‘hands on’ approach to coaching will give you confidence and understanding to get your clients actual results. Without it – you’re on the back foot from day one.

Business Building Strategies – You can be the best coach in the world but it’s worthless without the know-how to keep growing your business year on year. This is why, sadly, most coaches are broke.

Marketing & Media Expertise – No business can grow without an effective and ethical way to market your services and gain the right type of press and publicity. This isn’t complicated with the right method – even if you’re introverted or only have a small (or no) following.

Professional Support Network – This is often overlooked but is vital to your success. The best way to develop your career is to learn from those who have been there and done it. Good coaching is partly down to confidence and you’ll only get that with expert advice and the right people in your corner.

These are the things that will truly help build you business and develop your career and without them it’s almost impossible to be successful long term.

The Greatest Gift I Ever Received.

It’s always pained me to see men and women with the potential to become brilliant life coaches let their talent go to waste.

I hate to think of how many people are letting their lives pass them by…

When they could be doing remarkable things in the coaching space.

And it was during a conversation back in 2012 when that all changed. Right after my client asked me…

‘’Why don’t you train people to become life coaches?’’

I look back on those few simple words as a gift – because they became the catalyst for my greatest challenge to date.

It was a lot of work and I poured my heart and soul into getting it right…

But over time, I was able to come up with a solution…

A coaching blueprint to guarantee no good coach is ever without clients…

Let me introduce you to …

The P.U.R.E Method.

The P.U.R.E method is a unique approach to life coach training that gives you all the tools, skills, confidence and know-how you need to create a thriving coaching business.

Here’s your 4-step success blueprint:

P – Principles

You’ll be given a rock solid foundation and understanding of what coaching is and how to become a highly effective and successful one. All the do’s and don’ts, ethical guidelines and professional boundaries are covered so you’re able to attract great and happy clients right from day one.

U – Understanding (Yourself & Your Client)

We’ll help you develop your niche by recognising your natural strengths, passions and areas of expertise as a coach.

You’ll discover how to differentiate yourself in the market place and communicate your message so you can effortlessly attract your ideal client.

When you know how to market yourself in the right way and to the right audience – you’ll be able to charge precisely what you’re worth.

We go deep into the client-coach relationship. You’ll be given the tools to build rapport and trust with your clients. You’ll discover how to quickly recognise their limiting beliefs and what it takes to get them the breakthroughs they desire. We develop your skills as a coach so you can help your clients successfully navigate their most difficult challenges and decisions.

R – Resilience

All the tools you need to conquer the challenges that life as a coach can bring.

You’ll discover how to build habits and routines to overcome procrastination and the curse of perfectionism. Combined with the most effective time management and productivity tips – you’ll be able to master your working week and achieve that perfect work life balance.

We also dedicate an entire module to the spiritual side of coaching. This non-religious but joy-centred training will help you tap into your intuition, trust your journey, ask the big questions that life poses and find your place in the world. Most coaching schools omit spirituality from their syllabus – but our students love this aspect of the academy.

E – Evolution

Continue to grow as a coach by advancing your skills and expanding your knowledge.

The ongoing education, guidance and support network from the Pure Academy coaches and graduates will help you master the ‘business’ of coaching — so you enjoy a long and happy career. You’ll get all the know-how and marketing methods you need to ensure your business continues to grow year after year.

These are the 4 areas that will help shortcut your way to becoming a highly paid, highly sought after coach.

Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be able to:

  • Confidently earn £750-1000 for as little as 5 hours coaching per week
  • Develop your niche and message so you have clients coming to YOU without ever coming across as pushy or having to resort to sleazy sales tactics
  • Create a premium coaching service so you can run a super-successful business with just a handful of happy clients – without the need for complicated marketing
  • Raise your profile and boost your earnings potential with a simple technique to get your business featured in the press – without having to plaster yourself over social media

Master the methods and skills to completely change the lives of your clients forever so you’re able to enjoy a long and successful coaching career.

A Day In The Life of A World Class Life Coach.

I’d like you to picture this day:

You wake without an alarm…

You check your inbox to see an email from a perfect fit coaching client wanting to work with you…

You make some breakfast and take the kids to school…

Come home and do a few sessions over Skype/Zoom

Send some follow-up emails to your amazing clients…

Maybe you create some new content…

Go for a walk…

Or catch up with friends and family.

After lunch, it’s another coaching session or two…

Then you pick the kids up and spend some quality time with them…

After that – the rest of the evening is yours.

You might read, work on your own self-development, or simply kick back with a movie…

Whatever takes your fancy…

All in preparation for another day of changing lives…

Doing what you love…

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Well, this is precisely the kind of day that lies in wait as soon as you’re ready to begin a new and exciting chapter in your life.

All you have to do is implement the ideas within The P.U.R.E Method and you’ll be well on your way toward the freedom driven lifestyle you’ve always wanted…

A job you look forward to every single morning…

And a bunch of happy clients who can’t speak highly enough of you.

And you can achieve all of this in as little as 56 days just by clicking the button below.

Get Access to The Pure Coaching Academy Today

The Proven Blueprint to Becoming a World-Class Coach in Just 8 Short Weeks.

The Pure Coaching Academy is a shortcut to becoming a highly paid, top level coach who can transform peoples’ lives …

WITHOUT complicated marketing strategies or ridiculous sales methods.

This 8 week training will empower you to become a confident, effective and happy coach – whether you’re brand new to coaching or have years of experience helping people.

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside your 8 week success schedule:

The Power of Establishing Goals

Proven coaching models to provide your clients with laser sharp focus and clarity on their goals. PLUS the simple methods to keep them accountable and on track to achieve them all.

It’s All In The Questions

50 thought-provoking questions to ignite great conversations with your clients. Know how to quickly build trust and rapport and present yourself as a figure of authority and expertise.

Building an Abundant Practice

The ‘business’ of coaching and how to create a long and prosperous career in your chosen niche. Discover how to attract good clients – and exceed their expectations – so they stay with you for years to come and will happily refer you to others.

The Graduate Action Plan

You have the certificate but now what? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the crucial next steps of your journey so you can get yourself out there as a coach and really start to build your business and make an impact in the world.

Plus much, much more…

The Magic Ingredient of The Pure Coaching Academy.

There’s also one very special element that makes The Pure Academy stand apart from everyone else…

And that is…

From the moment you join us…

You start coaching.

Because we assign one of your classmates as your ‘coaching buddy’ when you sign up.

You’ll have a willing coaching ‘client’ to work with and a way to apply everything you’re learning.

This means you’ll be gaining real-world coaching experience right from day one.

Which is priceless.

Because the confidence and experience you get through this real-life coaching practice will transfer out into the real world when you graduate.

You’ll be able to hone and refine your coaching skills, practice everything you’re taught and implement the techniques you’re learning.

And, ultimately…

Become an experienced, highly skilled coach – before you’ve even launched your business.

Which is far more important than any ‘secret tricks’ that are taught elsewhere.

After all, real-world experience matters far more than any of that…

That’s why we make sure we show you how to become a great coach, as well as giving you the environment in which to BECOME a great coach (through practice).

Because, yes… practice really does make perfect.

This will enable you to deliver a high-end service to your clients which will grow your reputation and business.

Can you imagine how confident that will make you feel?

No longer suffering from imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, or thoughts of “Am I really qualified to do this?”

Many of my graduates have told me this aspect of the course is worth the fee alone.

But that’s not all.

After you graduate, you’ll still have the opportunity to improve your coaching skills.

If you’d like or need more experience, I’ll put a request out to my private Facebook group on your behalf.

This will be on a pro-bono basis to start, but with the chance of becoming a paid role.

The Pure Academy quite literally helps you to start earning as soon as possible.

My network contains many people in need of great coaches and nothing makes me happier than being able to refer out to one of my amazing students.

I’m proud to say no other coaching programme provides anything like this type of experiential training or the amazing coaching opportunities on offer after you’re certified.

Here’s What Our Graduates Are Saying.

Gloria Jensen.

Gloria Jensen

Australia –

“Carole Ann’s life coach training enables you to be successful not only with your clients but also regarding setting up your business. This combination is rare! You’ll feel confident and empowered as a coach but also as a person. This course is a personal journey and a gift for yourself too!

I valued the experiential approach of the training. From the very first day, Carole Ann challenged my mindset asking us to dream big and dare to make the first steps towards this dream. She helps you grow in a way you could not have imagined!”


Rebecca Ronane

“After thirty years in the travel business, I had to deal with redundancy as well as a health issue. With some fantastic luck I came across Carole Ann Rice and the Pure Coaching Academy which has been truly life-changing.

The academy helped me to reinvent myself and I now coach women to ‘go forward after fifty’. I’m passionate that women at any age realise there’s great life potential after fifty.
Although I still wear many hats my focus is on my coaching business and I recently started a successful networking group called ‘Network Provence’ here in the south of France. I’m able to live between sunny Provence and the East end of London which I love. I’m fifty-nine years old and celebrating!”

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

28, London

“As a boxing coach, I work with people truly committed to transforming their lives and who are full of passion, purpose, and possibility. It’s my job to teach them to make the right decisions quickly. I have to instil discipline, mental toughness, grit, accuracy, and intelligence.

Through years of coaching, I realised these traits and capabilities were valuable far beyond just the boxing ring. And as more of my clients came to me looking for advice on life in general, I saw there was an amazing career opportunity for me to explore.

I enrolled with the Pure Academy in 2018 and with Carole Ann’s help I’m now equipped to offer my clients high-performance coaching in both the physical and mental realm. It’s the perfect combination”

The First Step to a Long and Successful Coaching Career.

There’s something I’d like you to consider…

What is the cost of you not investing in The Pure Coaching Academy?

Ask yourself…

Do you really want another year to drift by…being stuck exactly where you are…with your life at a complete standstill?

Do you want to spend another sleepless night wondering where you could be if you just had the self belief to go after your dream business?

To keep thinking about coaching for a living, but not knowing where to start.

To see other people running amazing lifestyle businesses, and wishing you could do the same.

And being stuck living with regret, forever thinking – “What if?”

Or would you rather make a start on the life you’ve been promising yourself for so long?

Let’s go back to that perfect day from earlier.

Remember how excited it made you feel…

Picturing yourself doing what you love every day…

On your own schedule…

While helping your clients make the kind of progress they never felt was possible before they met you.

Now ask yourself…

How much would you be willing to invest to have the know-how and skills to create that kind of lifestyle?

To be able to enjoy a life of freedom and financial security while making a genuine difference to the world?

5k? £10k? Maybe even £15?

I know some people who would happily invest a year’s salary, in exchange for another 10, 20, or even 30 years of running a business they love, that gives them true financial freedom.

Well, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

Because, to get total access to The Pure Coaching Academy…

Is just a one time payment of £2995.

Or, for those you’d like an easier and more affordable option – 4 consecutive monthly payments of £750.

For that, you’ll receive much more coaching experience and know-how in 8 weeks as most courses give in 8 months….

The success blueprint of the P.U.R.E Method…

Plus, expert advice from myself and the academy coaches…

As well as all the course materials and resources you need to create your dream business.

But that’s not all.

Your investment goes way beyond just the 8 weeks we work together.

You also get lifetime access to these incredible bonuses:

Facebook Alumni Group.

Facebook Alumni Group

A private Facebook group offering around the clock support for Pure Academy graduates.

This is a place to ask questions, share your wins and discuss ideas and opportunities with your fellow coaches.

This group has even inspired some of our graduates to start a business together.

It really is one of the best coaching networks on Facebook.


Monthly Zoom Call

Your opportunity to pick my brain and hang out with your fellow coaches. We’ll tackle any immediate issues you have, discuss any subjects you need advice with and share your stories and wins.

I can’t overstate how beneficial this monthly check-in will be for your development and confidence. Coaching does have its challenges and the support and encouragement of like minded people during the difficult moments is huge.

I’ll be able to guide you through any setbacks you may be facing. I guarantee you’ll leave each call feeling inspired and motivated to get out there and help people.

It’s also one of the most fun aspects of the academy – we always have a few laughs on the call.

Pure Coaching Academy.

The Pure Coaching Handbook

This manual is packed with contributions from the UK’s top coaches, trainers and communications experts. It’s regularly updated with real-life scenarios and proven coaching strategies as well as business and productivity tips to propel your career forward. This priceless companion will provide a wealth of knowledge throughout your coaching career.

There’s really no other life coach training that can match this level of support or community.

And I could genuinely market these bonuses at £300-500/month – as some other coaches do.

Who knows – in the future, I might.

So it’s best to get on board now while they’re all FREE.

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Coaching Business

Feel overwhelmed or confused by all the tech, design and set-up stuff you need for your coaching business?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

My virtual assistant, Caroline Mathews, has created a comprehensive guide to help you with branding, logos, website design, blogging, social media pages, content creation, email marketing, and more.

Caroline specialises in working with life coaches and understands exactly what you need to have in place so your business runs smoothly and stress-free.

With this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll know how to:

  • Nail your logo, branding and colour schemes even if you have zero design skills
  • Create stunning and attention-grabbing social media content to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Quickly and easily schedule your social media posts in advance so you’re not stuck at your computer every day
  • Avoid the common pitfalls when it comes to websites and how to choose the right website builder and hosting so you can get your site up and running with ease

Caroline also offers a 4 hour discounted package exclusively to Pure students to help with the admin side of setting up their coaching business – specifically for those that don’t feel confident in tackling the tech themselves. This includes a free 30 minute discovery call to find out exactly what support is needed – be it admin support or a website build.  You can find out more about the support she offers clients on her website

Create Your Dream Business and Kick-Start Your Freedom Driven Lifestyle: 
Join The Pure Coaching Academy Today

Imagine This

Picture yourself a year from now…

Running a coaching business that provides financial freedom with an amazing handful of perfect-fit clients…

While you work on YOUR schedule and have ultimate job satisfaction…

And where you’re changing lives – daily – without having to constantly be on social media or use pushy, aggressive marketing tactics.

Imagine how it would feel when you proudly tell people you’re making a full-time living from coaching…

Helping people to achieve things they never thought possible…

Well, let me tell you…

The admiration and praise you’ll receive from friends and family for following through on your dream…

And the respect and recognition you get for changing peoples’ lives…

Is priceless.

And, I can say with complete confidence and honesty…

The Pure Coaching Academy is your first step towards that dream career and lifestyle.

You just have to take that leap of faith.

How It Works/The Next Step.

Simply click on any of the ‘Get Started’ buttons you find on this page and fill in your details.

Once your payment has been made you’ll receive:

Your Pure Coaching Academy welcome email
This will contain some reading recommendations and a video about accreditation.

Instructions about your private Facebook group
A few days before the start of training you’ll be invited to your private Facebook group.

This gives you a chance to introduce yourself to your fellow cohorts and get to know each other a little.

This is a fun, helpful and encouraging environment where you can share your ideas and thoughts with a group of like-minded people.

With such a supportive bunch of individuals in one place, you won’t help but feel inspired and excited to get started on your dream coaching career.

The chemistry in the Facebook groups are always amazing and I know you’ll get a ton of value from it.

Get Certified From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Important – Please Read:

Due to recent events the Pure Coaching Academy is now being held entirely online.

This means you have an incredible opportunity to gain your life coach certification without having to leave home. This will save you time, money and effort by not having to commute to London for 8 consecutive Saturdays.

I’d like to emphasise this will in no way lessen your experience of the course. You still get everything you would with a normal academy intake – it’s just the Saturday sessions will be held via Zoom. That’s the only difference.

The feedback from our recent graduates about the online experience has been super positive. By not having to leave home they have more time and energy to focus and get the most from the training.

It also means I can open up the academy to people all over the world. So you get the chance to share new ideas and concepts that you may not have considered before. This will enhance the experience for everyone within the academy.

If You Want More From Life…Then Why Wait Any Longer?

Can you really afford to miss out on creating your dream coaching business in the quickest and easiest way possible?

Only you can answer that.

But right now – you have two options.

Option 1 is to do nothing – you can close this page and go back to whatever you were trying before.

But you might actually just be making things harder for yourself.

Because all you’re really doing is taking a back seat for 6 months…

And letting other coaches get a head start on the success you desire so much…

Which means you could be back here in 6 months time feeling frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available the first time.

If you hate the thought of waking up in a few days time wondering ‘’what if’’…

If you don’t want to feel annoyed or even angry with yourself…

And you want to change how things are going in your life right now…

There’s option 2.

Which is the smart move.

If you choose to take action today you’ll get access to all the training, tools, business building techniques, coaching expertise and support you could ever need to make your business a roaring success.

And change your life forever.

I understand if you’re skeptical – £2995 isn’t pocket change.

But compared to what you’ll make back over the rest of your career…

The ongoing education and world class support network at your fingertips…

And the fact you’ll never have to fork out for another coaching programme ever again..

It really is the best investment you could make.

Trust me – your future self will thank you for it.

So as a final reminder, here’s what you get with The Pure Coaching Academy:

An extensive and unique 8 week life coach training

Access to The P.U.R.E Method – the 4 step formula that provides everything you need to become a world-class coach in your chosen niche

Online learning and home study (work to your own schedule)

Personal development, role play and ‘real’ coaching experience – apply what you learn in an actual coaching environment

Be coached by me on your personal goals while learning to build a coaching business (this really is a 2 in 1 training)

A monthly Zoom coaching call to monitor your progress and discuss ideas with your fellow students

Access to The Pure Coaching Handbook – this manual is jam packed with priceless coaching tips and strategies that you’ll treasure throughout your entire career.

Media coaching – how to market your business effectively and gain the right type of press and publicity

Guest talks from past students sharing real issues and experiences that you can apply to your business. Discover the methods they employ to ensure their business grows year after year.

Guest speakers on branding and how to set up your coaching business so you hit the ground running

Get all this AND MORE in just 1 click:

I realise this is a big investment

So I want to put your mind at ease and say that –

I’m incredibly confident you’ll be able to cover the cost of the course within a few weeks of graduating.

Why do I think this?

Well …

Along with the expertise and experience of myself and the Pure Academy coaches…

The proven world-class coaching methods…

And the support network of dozens of other like-minded coaches…

You’re also going to get access to exclusive trainings on branding, marketing and media experts.

They’ll remove the stress from sales …

Demystify social media marketing …

And even share their best strategies for getting featured in local and national media …

Helping YOU become a highly sought-after expert coach.

In fact, it’s not unusual for many of our students to be in profit, well before the end of the 8 weeks.

Do You Have Any Questions?

I’d like to thank you for reading this far and I hope I’ve been able to demonstrate to  you The Pure Coaching Academy is the best investment you can make for not just your business – but your own self-development too.

But you may still have questions – which is GREAT. It shows you truly care about advancing your coaching career and moving your business forward.

So, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions for you below:


A) An extensive and unique life coach training that includes:

– 8 weeks in-classroom training (consecutive Saturday’s from 10am-3pm) *this will be entirely online for Sept 2020 intake.
– Personal development, role play, ‘real’ coaching experience
– Be coached by me while you’re learning to coach (this really is a 2 in 1 training)
– A midweek webinar/coaching call to monitor your progress
– An in-depth 17 module syllabus covering everything you need to become a world-class coach
– Home and Online study (work to your own schedule)
– Guest speakers on branding and how to set up your coaching business
– Media coaching and how to get the right type of press and publicity
– Guest talks from past students – sharing real issues and experience


A)Yes, Pure Coaching Academy is an online training. The academy runs twice a year (in February and September) and is held via Zoom on 8 consecutive Saturdays. This gives you the chance to become a first-class coach from the comfort of your own home. 


A) Incredible ones! First and foremost, you’ll be given all the tools, resources and support you need to build a successful coaching business working with clients of your choosing.

The Academy will help you refine your message and niche so you’re able to attract exactly the type of clients you’d like to work with – and charge what you’re worth.

We’re also confident you’ll be able to cover the cost of course within a few weeks of enrolling. You’ll be learning how to coach people right from day 1 which will give you the self-belief, skills and know-how to go and get your first clients


It’s for all kinds of people. You must be interested in coaching, and committed to making other people’s lives better, but provided that’s the case, it’s for:

– People interested in personal development and a career with meaning and purpose.
– Anyone who has a calling towards coaching and helping others.
– Those with natural go-to qualities as advice-givers as well as spiritual, empathetic people
– For anyone looking to make a difference to the world
– It’s for people just starting their coaching careers
– Or those who have been helping others for years and want to take their coaching business to the next level
– And for anyone looking to either completely change or enhance their career – I’ve worked with teachers, lawyers, HR professionals, social workers, marketers, GP’s, semi-retired parents, you name it!


A) Yes, tons of it! You’ll get:

● Instant access and around the clock support from the Facebook alumni group for Pure Academy graduates.
● A monthly Zoom call with the Pure coaches and your fellow students.
● Lifetime access to the Pure Coaching Handbook. Packed with contributions from the UK’s top coaches, trainers and communications experts. This priceless companion will provide a wealth of real-world coaching scenarios and strategies to support you throughout your career.


A) The Pure Coaching Academy is presented by me – someone who’s earned their full-time living as a coach for over 18 years. And continues to do so.

Many courses are run by trainers, not real coaches with successful practices. I’ve been there and done it and know precisely what it takes to set up a business, develop a niche and get clients.

While other programmes spend hours on the theoretical aspect of coaching, The Pure Academy cuts straight to the chase. We’ll provide you with all the practical skills and knowledge to set up a long-lasting and successful coaching business.

Many people spend up to £10k for their coaching training but because they have no clue how to get clients, they have to go back to their day job. We make it our number priority that never happens.

Finally, the support and community aspect at Pure is like no other. You’ll gain access to an amazing network of coaches who love to help each other, share ideas & experiences and learn from one another. Some of our graduates have even set up business together.


A) Yes, I am proud to say my course is accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPCM) – the only body approved by the British Ombudsman.

IICM level 5 accredited life coach training course.


A) The full price of the academy is £3,240 (Early bird price £2,995).



A) Yes. You can spread the cost over 4 payments. Full details are here


Can You Afford To Wait Any Longer?

The Pure Coaching Academy only runs twice a year.

Which means you could be waiting for months before the doors are open again.

By then, the ongoing monthly bonuses may no longer be free.

But more importantly…

Do you really want to wait that long to make a start on the business of your dreams?

Just imagine where you could be in 6 months time if you made a start today.

How would it feel to create financial security and a life of freedom by doing what you love – changing people’s lives and making a real impact?

​The Pure Coaching Academy will give you everything you need to fast-track that process.

All you have to do is follow our step-by-step blueprint and clearly laid out strategies and you’ll be on your way to building a thriving coaching business – one that brings you success and happiness for years to come.

And how would it feel to have the confidence, skills and know-how to do that in as little as 8 weeks?

If you like the sound of that then you know what to do.

I can’t wait to get started and look forward to seeing you in the academy.

Carole Ann

  • “Carole Ann is a total pro and shares her experience generously and productively. As a former teacher, I recognised and appreciated the preparation that went into each well-structured session. I recommend her and the Pure Coaching Academy wholeheartedly!”

    Melissa Neckar

  • “I finally feel confident to spread my wings and fly!!! Thank you so much Pure Coaching Academy and Carole Ann! I am so glad I’ve chosen your academy and trust me, I did my research!”

    Monika Braglewicz

  • “An incomparable bonus, especially for an introvert with otherwise poor networking skills, was the introduction to a group of 20 or so like-minded fellow prospective coaches, the kindest and most supportive of people, whose magnanimity and friendship I will always cherish.”

    Roger Clifton

  • “A truly transformational course!”

    Nathan Ripley

  • “The whole course was brilliant, I learnt so much, I felt supported, I met the most incredible human beings and the best thing was having the course online”

    Emma Wood

  • “The content I’ve learned from this course has been invaluable. I went in unsure if 8 weeks were enough to make me a “real” life coach but I left feeling so confident and ready for business.”

    Ellie Romaine

  • “Amazing experience. Self-discovery with real feedback. I am proud to be a graduate of this academy and would recommend it.”

    AJ O

  • “Undertaking training at The Pure Coaching Academy was a fantastic decision. Carole-Ann is truly inspiring and the weeks just flew by.”

    Mary Mullarkey

  • “The course was excellent with a very varied and intellectually stimulating programme, including amongst others a session dedicated to spirituality with which I was able to identify enormously.”

    Simon Buck

  • “You learn so much about yourself while at the same time learning to help others. If you are looking for an accredited coaching course I can’t recommend it enough.”

    Amanda James

  • “The course is really rich in content, and is delivered in a way that makes you experience it at the same time.”

    Floss Andrews

  • “This course and Carole Ann have provided a platform and a safe space in which for me to gain clarity, evolve and be equipped with the skills to be a truly great coach.”

    Georgie G

  • “Not only did this course provide all the necessary tools/techniques (plus more) to become a coach, but it also gave me the boost in confidence I needed to progress.”

    Rhishai Mais

  • “Not only do you learn the skills of coaching, but also the skills needed to run a successful business. You get to practice coaching in a safe space with wonderfully supportive feedback.”

    Julie Brown

  • “I started the course with a wish to one day in the distant future become a life coach – I finished the course determined and confident of making that dream happen as quickly as possible such was the increase in my confidence.”

    Ryan Edwards

  • “You begin coaching and are coached from week 1, which bolsters your learning and builds your confidence.”

    Lorraine Gammack

  • “If you are looking for a short-term but effective life coaching training course, Pure Coaching Academy is definitely your number one choice.”

    G Chi

  • “DREAM COACHING COURSE. I could not recommend this course enough. Carole Ann and Julie delivered the content in such an interactive, engaging and inspiring way.”

    Katie Hardaker

  • “I knew I wanted to complete a coaching qualification but also knew that I learn best from practicing as I go. Pure Coaching Academy was the only course that I could find where you coach from Day 1.”

    Emma C

  • “If you are looking for a Life Coaching course to take, this is the one for you! I am so grateful for Pure Coaching Academy!”

    Lisa Heacock

  • “If the courses you’ve found on offer so far leave you a bit cold, or worse still ‘too salesy’ and lack substance, trust me look no further than PURE. From day 1 you will be experiencing world class coaching.”

    Jude Arnup

  • “This course is worth it, teaches you so much and makes sure you are ready in all aspects! ”

    Elissa Cia

  • “I couldn’t be happier with the content rich course, the group of people I’ve met and the growth I’ve achieved in such a short space of time.”

    Nathan Ripley

  • “Such a supportive community spirit and I really enjoyed the great buddy coaching relationship that was built”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “The backup notes were incredible and I will be using them when I start my coaching practice”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “I loved the freestyle coaching approach that is not dependent on a model”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “I now have team meetings where I coach my distributors overcome fear, procrastination and to set real goals”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “The notes were very comprehensive and great back up refresher – clearly written and well presented”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “What I loved was the varied content, inspirational teaching and practice and the amazing, empowering journey”

    Karen Campbell

    Marketing Manager
  • “The notes were well thought through and I always felt like an expert after reading them”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “The Pure Coaching Manual was excellent and substantial”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “We covered more than I expected and it was never boring – every week was worthwhile”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I hope to have a healthy coaching practice within the year”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “The buddy coaching was a great way to learn”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “I loved getting to know my fellow coaches”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “If you’re looking for a hands-on, intensive coaching course with a friendly group and based on real life experiences, this course is for you!”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “This course will stretch you out of your comfort zone and transform you to be the person you were meant to be. Be ready to be transformed from good to amazing. To Carole and her team I will be eternally grateful”

    Salome Payn

    Project Manager
  • “The coaching notes were written brilliantly and easily understood”

    Karen Campbell

    Marketing Manager
  • “The PCA course provides a powerful collection of tools for dealing the present and defining the future. A unique opportunity to find community and help in a truly open and non-judgmental environment”

    Lee Mollins

    Data Analysis Director – Financial Services
  • “It was surprising to have real clients to join us to coach and was a great way to put into practice what we learned”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “There was more ‘real’ coaching client practice than I expected – which was great”

    Juliette Dyke

  • “Outstanding course content, structure and format. Carole Ann and Lou are very generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise”

    Jose Rihan

    Utility Warehouse agent
  • “This is the course you need to be on. It’s totally real!”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I really enjoyed the openness and personal sharing, we practised on ‘live’ clients and the notes really covered the modules properly.”

    Lee Mollins

    Data Analysis Director – Financial Services
  • “The notes were just brilliant! It was great to focus on the course and not have to make tons of notes as they were very clear, useful and I actually looked forward to reading them when they arrived each week”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and delivery, though it was structured and directed too”

    Lydia McDowall

    Project Co-Ordinator (museums)
  • “This course was challenging, insightful, brilliant – it covers all the topics you need to start running a successful practice. I loved every minute. Carole Ann’s background in business and journalism added extra expertise”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan
  • “It was experiential but it also had structure”

    Natalie Watkins

    Landscape Architect, Milan

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