Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
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The Real Secret to Boundless Bliss

Are you coming to the end of yourself? You know – tired of doing, saying and seeing the same old things? A bit bored and frustrated at being the same old thing? Just like that frown line that shows up in the mirror each day it’s not going to get any better, you know? Unless, that is, you start doing things differently. Or get Botox, of course.

It seems to me, in all my years as a coach, most humans play safe and, whether consciously or not, creep cautiously through life, tiptoeing around puddles of perceived pain, ditches of imagined danger and delighting in the slow but secure suffocation of the comfort zone.

Pure Coaching BlogWe are terrified of being vulnerable, of falling short, or being found out, of rejection and most of all – of not being good enough. None of us are perfect (no, not even Beyonce or Cliff Richard!) yet we set heinously high bars for ourselves and even if we do manage to hit them we just set them even higher next time.

It can seem like other people have the golden lives of joy, confidence, ease and opportunity. What do you think they have that you don’t? What makes you think this can’t be yours too? Is there a special club with VIP members but when you get to the door do you find your name isn’t on the guest list? Would you like to know the real secret to success, happiness and unlimited good hair days?We are our own worst critics, giving ourselves a hard time whether we win or lose and stuck in our own self arguments we live quarellsomely in our heads when we should shine through our hearts.

I’m glad you’re nodding so violently because I am going to share with you the esoteric secrets of the happy, the loved and the awesomely successful. Get comfy, wriggle your toes, lift your chin a little (hmm, you look good like that) and take a deep breath in. Ready?

The reason why many people have found joy, abundance and love is that – they believe they deserve it.

You can exhale now. I know – it’s a biggy, isn’t it? Rocks my world anyway.  They truly feel worthy of success and happiness. Their sense of worthiness and benign expectation is their passport to profound possibility.

Their whole-heartedness in what they do combined with a courageous and delicious foolhardiness that they “can’t fail” is their formula for success. They have let go of vulnerability like shedding an old dried husk and tried on, instead, the embracing of risk and uncertainty and the funny thing is it’s not as scary as you may think once you try it.

Here are a few bits of esoteric knowledge that if you apply twice a day to the forehead, dab around the eyes and corners of your mouth and rub liberally over your heart you will see an instant lift in all areas of your life.

  • When you get that there are no guarantees except one in life you can then start to invest
  • You can invest in risk, love, relationships, others, creativity and connectedness
  • Then it starts to get easier
  • Always assume you will be OK when you take a risk – you most probably will be
  • Set your intention to succeed and smile broadly
  • Stop controlling and trying to predict – it’s tiring and you can’t.
  • Dare to be vulnerable – ask for help, have a go, follow your heart and forgive yourself
  • Think of how often you numb yourself (alcohol, shopping, excessive exercise, work) and ask yourself – what am I trying to push down?
  • Practice gratitude
  • What makes you vulnerable can also make you beautiful
  • Be kind to yourself and then double it
  • Dare to put down your sword, shield, comfort zone force field and show the world the authentic you – they’ll love it
  • Say this over and over “Who I am is enough” and then add, because your coach told you to – “Hey, in fact, who I am is MORE than enough” and leave the house smiling.

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