Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).
Autumn term starts Saturday 28th September 2024 (Early Bird: £2,995 until 2nd of September, then £3,240 thereafter).

How to make your website work for you

Creating a website is one of the most exciting parts of starting a coaching business.

It’s nice to get the chance to be creative, choosing a nice font and colour scheme, writing your slogan, developing your personal brand.

However, if you want your website to bring in clients for you (and why wouldn’t you?), the two most important ingredients your website must have are:

  1. Visitors
  2. A painless way to convert visitors into clients

This is what makes the difference between a website and a client generating website. And if your website is not bringing you coaching clients, then what’s it for?

Make every visit count

Getting visitors to your website is only one half of the equation. Without the second half – conversion – the effort spent in getting traffic to your site is wasted.

The conversion process is a journey which starts the moment someone lands on your site. You have a very limited amount of time to capture their attention, gain their trust and keep them on the road to that destination called ‘coaching client’.

Firstly, within just a few seconds, a visitor has to understand precisely what you’re offering and why/how it will benefit them. If they don’t, they’ll leave.

Gaining trust is another part of the conversion process.

Coaching clients are especially trepidatious – after all, they’re not buying a toaster from you, this is their life you’re dealing with. They don’t know you. They will be sharing intimate thoughts with you, a complete stranger and with no guarantee that it’s going to work.

By demonstrating your understanding of their problems, and how you’ve solved them for other clients goes a long way to helping someone decide to go all in and book you.

Your website needs to be poised and ready to seize that moment.

When the moment strikes

These days it’s not enough to put

“Here’s my phone number, give me a call”.

Clients want to be booked in then and there. Which could be any time of the day or night.

With coaching clients, this is especially important. It may have taken them months to pluck up the courage to work with a coach. If there’s no quick and easy way to get an appointment confirmed with you, it will only take a nano-second to talk themselves out of it.

“Ah well, it was a stupid idea anyway…”

And that’s that, they’re gone.

See for yourself

When a customer visits your website, a whole bunch of questions are whizzing around in their head. The job for your website is to remove as much doubt and anxiety from the customer’s mind as possible.

Go through the funnel of doubt

Open up your website and ask these questions as if you were a complete stranger visiting for the first time:

  • What exactly is on offer here?
  • What are the benefits – for me?
  • Why should I trust this person?
  • Where is the proof that they can do what they say they can?
  • How does the service work? What do I need to do?
  • Can I book an appointment right now? Where? How?

When your website responds to these questions clearly and at the moment, you convert visitors to clients.

Remove the last hurdle and you’re home and dry

Your sales conversion process is not over until the client has booked a paid session with you. The easier you make it, the more likely you’ll get paid.

Bank transfer is fiddly (for the customer and you). Not everyone wants to use PayPal. Think about offering a credit/debit card method directly on your site if you want to get more paying clients.

Your website should be your 24/7 sales rep

Selling coaching services is time-consuming, but if you get it right, your website could be doing most of the work for you. Get your website to start pulling its weight and see your coaching business grow.

If you’d like a free 15-minute consultation on how you can improve your website, how much to invest and how to get the work done. Get in touch –


My name’s Gabrielle Collard, founder of The Coach Space, the first online agency for coaches.

I’ve spent 18 years building websites and producing online campaigns for big brands and small businesses. My mission is to use that knowledge to help professional coaches get established and grow their businesses online.


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